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Projector Service and Maintenance: Optical Engine Cleaning

Projector internal engine cleaning for maintenance by AVMProjector Malaysia

Internal optical engine cleaning to remove excess dust and debris that may be clogging up the fan. This is to prevent overheating and to maintain a clear sharp image.

IMG_5691 2_edited.jpg

Complimentary filter replacement for all our cleaning and maintenance package.


*Subject to projector model and filter availbility.

Maintenance service using electronic cleaner for all brands of LCD projector by AVMProjector Malaysia

Utilising precise electronic contact spray to ensure even the tiniest of dust is removed without damaging the components in the projector.

Colour and image calibration during service and maintenance by AVMProjector Malaysia

Finally reinstalling back the unit together with image calibration to ensure that the most optimum setting is utilised.

Our step by step process

On Site Service & Maintenance

Projector maintenance service program Malaysia
Cleaning with contact spray for Epson projector service and repair

Our in house technical team specialises in Projector Service and Maintenance for all brands. We offer on-site service as well as a 3 day guaranteed off site service*. Our end to end service includes:

1.    Projector inspection/diagnosis of potential problems

2.    Dismantle and take down unit from bracket mount

3.    Optical engine and lens cleaning

4.    Fan cleaning with electronic contact spray

5.    Replacement of old filter with new external filter

6.    Installation of projector unit to original position

7.    Image and brightness calibration upon installation

We offer quarterly or annual maintenance service for all brands including Acer, BenQ, Canon, Epson, Hitachi, Maxell, NEC, Panasonic, Sony, Sharp, Sanyo, Viewsonic and many more. We commonly offer cleaning and maintenance services for the below entities:

·      Corporate office

·      University, College, Tuition Centre, Schools

·      Places of worship, Temple, Church

·      Auditorium, Lecture Hall

·      Hotel, Ballroom


Benefits of Long term maintenance and service:

  • Extend the lifespan of the projector 

  • Optimise the usage of the projector through image and colour calibration

  • Identify any potential defects

  • Maintain a sharp focused image

  • Long term cost savings by preventing dust and debris from damaging the internal engine

*3 day guarantee only available for sites within Kuala Lumpur, KL and Klang Valley. 

Contact us now for a free on site Quotation.


Case Study: Customer from a local school complain image has black patches and is dim with occasional autoshut issues. Projector has not been serviced for over a year. Upon checking, no parts were damaged but because of dust accumulation, the fan and lens could not function optimally. (Before and after images below)

Dusty and blur projector lens cleaning and service by AVMProjector Malaysiag
Dusty fan cause projector autoshut by AVMProjector Malaysia
Dusty projector service and maintenance by AVMProjector
Dusty projector service for school by AVMProjector
Projector cleaning and service by AVMProjector Malaysia
Dust accumulation cause projector auto shut by AVMProjector Malaysia
Annual projector maintenance by AVMProjector Malaysia
Optical engine cleaning by AVMProjector Klang Valley
Projector fan cleaning and service by AVMProjector Malaysia
Projector Cleaning service by AVMProjector Klang Valley
Projector service and maintenance by AVMProjector
Projector cleaning service and maintenance by AVMProjector Malaysia
Projector dust removal and cleaning by AVMProjector Klang Valley
Annual maintenance and service for projector by AVMProjector Malaysia
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