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Projector Replacement Lamp / Bulb

Projector replacement bare lamp/bulb by AVMProjector

Bare Lamp (OB)

  • Depending on projector model, may be challenging to replace.

  • Contains mercury. Require professional assistance.

  • Cost effective. Up to 40% cheaper than whole lamp with housing.

  • Not available for high end projectors.

Projector replacement Lamp with housing by AVMProjector

Lamp with Housing (OWH)

  • Easy to install. Plug and play.

  • May not be available for projector model that is obsolete.

  • Only option available for high end projectors.

3M Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Acer Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
BenQ Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Canon Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Dell Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Eiki Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Hitachi Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Infocus Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Maxell Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Epson Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
HP Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Mitsubishi Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
NEC Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Optoma Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Panasonic Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Sharp Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Sony Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Toshiba Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Viewsonic Projector Replacement Lamp Malaysia
Free delivery within Malaysia | 6 Months Warranty (One to one exchange)

General Lamp Replacement Guide

1. Make sure projector is turned off and the power source is disconnected.

2. Let the projector cool down for at least an hour.

3. Locate the lamp cover. (Usually at the bottom of the projector)

4. Unscrew the lamp cover and the screws connecting the lamp to the projector.

5. Remove the entire lamp module including the casing by lifting the lamp handle.

6. Insert new lamp module into projector and screw back carefully making sure that the lamp connector/cord is securely connected to the projector.

7. Screw back lamp cover.

8. Plug into power source and press the start button.

9. Locate the menu and reset the lamp hour to 0.

* Do not remove the lamp if the bulb is broken. Consult a professional to replace bare bulb.

Our Guarantee

  • Guaranteed brand new genuine original lamp filament using Osram/Philips/Ushio bulb. 

  • Wide range of lamp. We stock all brands including 3M, Acer, BenQ, Canon, Casio, Dell, Epson, Hitachi/Maxell, HP, Infocus, Mitsubishi, NEC, Optoma, Panasonic, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Toshiba, Viewsonic and many more.

  • Long warranty. 6 months or 500 hours whichever come first. One to one exchange for any lamp related problem.

  • Fast lead time. Over more than 1000 models of ready stock lamp and 3 working day maximum lead time for preorder lamp upon confirmation.

  • On site installation available. Same day lamp replacement upon confirmation.

  • Local technical support. Instruction and guidelines on how to reset lamp hour and replacement of bare lamp.

  • Testing. All our lamps are tested before shipment.

  • Bulk and Dealer pricing. Special price for purchase of multiple units.

Projector Lamp on site Installation

On site projector lamp replacement by AV Projector Room

We provide on site lamp replacement service inclusive of service and optical engine cleaning reducing the amount of downtime for users. The process takes approximately half an hour for each unit (normal ceiling height). Clients can resume using their projector immediately. 

Original vs Compatible Lamp / Bulb

Often the authenticity of projector lamps is hard to verify even to the trained eye. The most noticeable difference is after a few months of usage. Customers will often notice a stark drop in brightness and metal fraying on the lamp itself. Another tell tale sign is the lifespan of the lamp, most compatible lamps have a limited lifespan of couple on months up to a year. In addition, compatible lamps often emit uneven heating to the projector causing possible damage to the internal parts, reducing the useful life of the projector. However, a broken lamp does not mean the lamp is compatible. This is due to the lamp being used beyond it's recommended useful life.

Projector Lamp

Projector Lamp Models in Stock

3M Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

3M X64, X95, X21, X35N, X55I

Acer Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector model: Acer PD100, X1273, X1378WH, P1285, S1283Hne, P5327, P1286, P6500, P1265, X1261, X123PH, P1150, K137i,  X1223H, P1350WL, X1123H, K335, C205, P1185, S1286H, C200, P1173, P5327W, X1161P, X117H, X125H, P1285B, P1206, X113P, PD523, X1326WH, X127H, H7850, P1383W, S1283H, X115H, P1283, P1276, K135 (CWX1137), X1160PZ, XI1161, H9600BD, P1201B, P1385WB, P1163  ​ ​ P1120, P1220, P1320W, X1120H, X1220H, X1320WH, P1273, P1273B, P1273i, P1273n, P1373W, P1373WB, P1623, EV-S21T, EY.JBY05.005, P1163, U5200, V100, X1110, X1110A, X1163, X1210, X1210A, X1210K, X1210S, X1263, XD1280, XD1280D, PS-W11K, PS-X11, S1210, S5201, S5201B, S5301WB, S5301WM, T111, T111E, T121E, S1110, S1210Hn, S1213, S1213Hn, S1310W, S1310WHn, S1313W, S1313WHn, S5200, X1226H, X1235, X1326WH, P1100, P1100A, P1100B, P1100C, P1166, P1200, P1200A, P1200B, P1200N, P1200i, P1266, P1266P, P1266i, P1300WB, P1150, P1250, P1250B, X1123H, X1223H, X110, X1161, X1161-3D, X1161A, X1261, X1261N, E141D, H6502BD, H6518BD, H7850, M550, P1173, V6815, V7850, X1171, X1173, X1173A, X1173H, X1173N, X1273, X1273H, X1273N, X1373W, X1373WH, DNX0009, EY.JBU01.039, H110P, X110P, X112, X1161N, X1161P, X1161PA, X1261P, X1526H, X1626H, S1213Hne, E-140, H6500, HE-802, P1223, P1276, X1213, X1213P, P1285B, P1285i, P1385W, P1385WB, P1385WB TCO, P1385Wi, P5227W, P5327W, S1385WH, S1385WHBe, S1385WHBne, S1385WHne, X1385WH, H7350, H7530, H7530D, H7531D, H7630D, P1203, P1203P, P1203PB, P1203Pi, P1206, P1206P, P1303PW, P1303W, P5271, P5271i, P5271n, X1213PH, H6517BD, H6517ST, P1270, P1285B, P1285i, P1385W, P1385WB, P1385WB TCO, P1385Wi, P1502, P5227W, P5327W, S1385WH, S1385WHBe, S1385WHBne, S1385WHne, X112H, X122, X1385WH, PH730, H5382BD, P1186, P1286, P1386, S1270Hn, S1273Hn, S1370WHn, S1373WHn, X1170, X1170A, X1170N, X1270, X1270N, DSV 1301, H5370BD, H5380BD, H6520BD, P1283, P1383W, P1510, S1283E, S1283HNE, S1383WHNE, X113, X113H, X113PH, X123PH, X125H, X127H, X133PWH, X1383WH, P1287, P1340W, P1340WG, P1387W, P5515, QNX1108, X111, X111P, X1140, X1140A, X1240, X1340W, X1340WH, P1185, P1285, P1525, S1285, X1185, X1185N, X1285, X1285N, P1166P, P1341W, P1500, P5227, U5220, U5320W, X1130PS, X1230PS, EY.JDP05.002, P1101, P1101C, P1201, P1201B, P1201i, P1201n, X1111, X1111A, X1111H, X1211, X1211H, X1211K, X1211S, X1311KW, X1311PW, X1311PWH, H6510BD, AF312, D452D, EV-833H, F1P1405, H7550BD, H7550BDz, H7550ST, H7550STz, V31F, X152H, H6530BD, P1550, P1650, H5360, H5360BD, P5270, P5370, P5370W, S1200, X1130, X1130P, X1130PA, X1230, X1230K, X1230PK, X1230S, X1237, H6535i, P1165E, P1165P, P5280, PD115, PD116P, PD116PD, PD123P, PD521D, PD523, PD523D, PD525, PD525D, PH112, X1125i, X1225C, X1225i, X1335Wi, X1525i, P5260E, X1186PG, X118AH, X118H, X138WH, PD100, PD100D, PD100PD, PD100S, PD120, PD120D, PD120P, PD120PD, XD1170D, XD1250P, XD1270D, H5350, P1165, P1265, P1265K, P1265P, P1350H, P1350W, P1350WB, P1350WL, U5520B, U5520i, X1160, X1160P, X1160Z, X1165, X1165E, X1260, X1260E, X1260P, X1323WH, H6810, H6810BD, PD523PD, PD525PD, PD525PW, PD527D, PD527W, V6810, P5207, P5207B, P5207i, P5307WB, P5307Wi, PD725, PD725P, XD1150, XD1150D, XD1150P, XD1250, H6522BD, P5230, P5330, P5330w, P5630, V6510, VP110X, VP150S, VP150X, PD521, S1286H, S1286HN, S1286WH, S1386WH, S1386WHN, P5205, P5270i, P7270, P7270i, PD724, PD726, PD726W, PD727, PD727W, PW730, GM512, H6521BD, H6540BD, V6520, X1623H, X168H, H9505BD, P5281, P5290, P5390W, P7200i, H9500, H9500BD, H9501BD, PD528, PD528W, PH730P, P5260, P5260i, PD112, PD112P, PH530, X25M, 7763PA, 7763PE, 7763PH, 7765PA, P3150, P3250, P3251, P6200, P6200S, PB8270, PD110, PD110Z, PD113, PD311, PD321, PD322, PD323, PD721, SL10S, SL7005, SL700S, SL700X, SL703S, SL705S, SL705X, SL710S, SL710X, N216, P5206, P5403, PD723, PD723P, PN-X14, P7290, P7203, P7203B, P6500, P6600, PD113P, PD123, PD123D, PH110, PH113P Lamp Model: EC.JD700.001, MC.JG811.005, MC.JNC11.002, EC.K3000.001, MC.JGL11.001, EC.JC200.001, EC.J4301.001, EC.JC900.001, EC.JDW00.001, MC.JEL11.001, EC.K1400.001, MC.JP911.001, EC.J9700.001, EC.K1500.001, EC.J6900.001, MC.JPE11.00B, EC.K0100.001, MC.JH511.004, MC.JM911.001, MC.JPC11.002, EC.JBU00.001, MC.JQ211.005, MC.JGR11.001, EC.JD500.001, EC.JEA00.001, MC.JGG11.001, EC.JBJ00.001, MC.JLR11.001, EC.J9900.001, EC.JCR00.001, EC.K1800.001, EC.K1700.001, EC.J8700.001, EC.JD300.001, MC.JK211.00B, EC.J8100.001, MC.JL511.00D, MC.JMY11.001, MC.JKL11.001, EC.J3001.001, MC.JMV11.001, MC.JF711.001, MC.JH011.001, MC.JG511.001, MC.JH111.001, MC.JJT11.001, MC.JN811.001, MC.JLC11.001, MC.40111.002, MC.40111.002 | MC.40111.001, MC.JL811.001, MC.JMP11.003, EC.J6900.003, AK.BLBJF.Z11, MC.JLS11.001, MC.JL111.001, EC.K0600.001, EC.JCQ00.001, EC.JC600.001, MC.JFZ11.001, MC.JLE11.001, MC.JKY11.001, MC.JQ511.001, EC.K0700.001, EC.J5500.001, EC.J8000.001, EC.J9000.001, MC.JRD11.001, EC.J6100.001, EC.J6200.001, 310-7522, 310-5513, EC.J6000.001, MC.JPV11.001, DSV0502, EC.J5600.001, EC.J5200.001, MC.JPE11.001, MC.JL311.001, MC.JQE11.001, SP.83F01G001, MC.JG211.001, SP.89601.001, DSV0602, UC.JRN11.001, MC.JPH11.001, 60.J0804.CB2, EC.J0601.001, MC.JQH11.001, EC.K1300.001, EC.J6300.001, SP.85Y01GC01, MC.JQ011.003, MC.JH411.002, EC.J9300.001, EC.K2400.001, EC.JC300.001, EC.J4800.001, EC.J5400.001, SP.80V01.001, SP.85S01G001, 60.J1610.001, EC.J6700.001, MC.JMB11.001, 60.J1331.001, SP.86701.001, RLC-001, SP.82Y01GC01, SP.86801.001, SP.82F01.001, SP.86501.001, 60.J2203.CB1, EC.JC100.001, EC.J1101.001, EC.J6400.002, EC.K2500.001, MC.JMG11.004, VLT-XD110LP, SP.80Y01.001, 57.J450K.001, EC.K2700.001, MC.JH211.002, EC.J6400.001, EC.JBM00.001, DT00205, EC.JBG00.001

BenQ Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb
Canon Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb
Dell Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb
Epson Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector Model: BenQ MX823ST,  MX852UST,  MX816ST,  MP624,  MX819ST,  MW621ST,  MS550,   MS527,  MX501,  W100,  MX503,  W1200,  EX501,  MX842UST,  MX528,  MX525,  MP525ST,  MX522P,  MX661,  W7000+,  W1100,  MX631ST,  MX810XTe,  MP515,  MS614,  MW853UST,  W1080ST,  W1070,  MS816ST, MU613, TH585, TH685, TH685i, MW665, MP525 ST, MP525P, MP575, MP575-V, MP576, MS500H, MS513P, MS513P+, MS524e, MW526E, MX303D, MX514P, MX525E, TS513P, EP6127A, EP7330, ES616F, EX6270, MS276F, MS507H, MS517, MS517F, MW519, MW817ST, MW820ST, MW821ST, MX2770, MX518, MX518F, MX600, MX618ST, MX820ST, TW519, EP3725D, EP3726D, EP4725D, EP5730D, EP5825BD, EP8830D, MP626, MP70, MP722ST, MP772ST, MP782ST, MW851 UST, MW851UST, MX806PST, MX806ST, MX815ST, MX815ST+, MX816ST, MX818ST, MX819ST, MX850 UST, MX850UST, TS819ST, TX7730D, W750, W770ST, EP4227, EP4825D, MP615P, MP625P, MP778, MP780ST, MP780ST+, MS513PB, MS614, MS615, MW824ST, MW860USTi, MW870UST, MW881UST, MX503H, MX514PB, MX613ST, MX613STLA, MX615, MX615+, MX615-V, MX660P, MX661, MX701, MX710, MX712UST, MX750, MX805ST, MX823ST, MX880 UST, MX880UST, EP4127, EP4127C, EP4227C, EP4328C, EP4732C, MS510, MS616ST, MW512, MW663, MX511, MX660, MX711, TH681+, EP4225D, EP5832, EP6735, MW712, MX520, MX703, MX713ST, MX810ST, MX813ST, MX813ST+, EP3735D+, MW714ST, MW811ST, ES500, EX501, HT2550, MH550, MU641, TK800, W1700, MS610, MW612, MW732, MX716, EP5922, EP5925D, TH700, W710ST, MP735, HT1075, HT1085ST, W1070, W1080ST, W1100, W1200, W1200+, MW603, MX602, MH530, MS504, MS504A, MS506, MS514H, MS517H, MS521P, MS522P, MS524, MS524A, MS527, MS619ST, MS630ST, MW526, MW526A, MW529, MW571, MW621ST, MW632ST, MW853UST, MW853UST+, MX505, MX522P, MX525, MX525A, MX528, MX570, MX620ST, MX621ST, MX631ST, MX852UST, MX852UST+, MX853UST, TB719, TESEO, TW526, TW529, TX538, MP730, I700, MS511H, MS512, MS521, MW523, MX522, TW523, W1070+, W1080ST+, DW843UST, DX842UST, EP4232, EP5127P, EP5328, EP5920, MH684, MS513, MU686, MW516, MW516+, MW721, MW831UST, MW843UST, MX514, MX662, MX666, MX720, MX842UST, TH1060, W1060, W1400, W1500, W700, W703D, CP270, HT2050, MP612, MP612c, MP622, MP622c, MX723, W1110, W1210ST, W1300, W2000, W2000+, EP5127, MP500+, MP511+, MP512, MP512 ST, MP515, MP515 ST, MP515P, MP522, MP522 ST, MP525, MP526, MS500, MS500+, MS500-V, MS500P, MX501, MX503, TH670, TH682ST, HT1070A, MH530FHD, MH534, MH535, MH535A, MH535FHD, MS508, MS521H, MS524AE, MS531, MS531P, MS535, MS535A, MW526AE, MW533, MW535, MW535A, MW724, MW855UST, MX508, MX532, MX532P, MX535, MX854UST, TH534, TH535, TW533, TW535, W1050, W1050S, MP611, MP611c, MP620c, MP721, MP721c, MP726, MH630, MH680, TH680, TH681, MP720P, MP725P, MP725X, BH302, CP220, CP220C, CP225, HT1070, MP610, MP615, MP620p, MW814ST, TH683, W100, W1090, MP770, MP775, MP623, MP624, MW883UST, MP513, MW727, MX726, PB2140, PB2145, PB2240, PB2245, PB2250, PB2255, PE2240, MP514, MP523, MS612ST, MW612ST, HP3325, MP670, W600, W600+, PB8253, PB8258, MX611, MX731, SP830, SP831, DX808ST, DX825ST, MS550, MS550P, MW605, MW809ST, MW826ST, MX550, MX604, MX604W, MX605W, MX808PST, MX808ST, MX825ST, MX826, W20000, W30000, W5000, EP5227C, ES6128, EX6229, MS502, MS502+, MS502P, MX503+, TS5276, MH741, VP110X, VP150S, VP150X, HT3550, HT3550i, HT5550, W2700, MH856UST, SH910, PB8263, PB8268, PB8250, PB8260, MP511, SP820, EP3735, EP3740, HP3920, MP776, MP776ST, MP777, W1000, W1000+, SP920P (#1), MH750, SP920P (#2), MS611, W5500, W6000, W6500, HT4050, W1350, W3000, PB7000, PB7100, PB7105, PB7110, PB7110-PVIP, PB7110-UHP, PB7115, PB7200, PB7205, PB7210, PB7210-PVIP, PB7210-UHP, PB7215, PB7220, PB7225, PB7230, PB7230-PVIP, PB7230-UHP, PB7235, PE7100, PE8250, SP840, EP5742A, MX717, MX722, MX763, MX764, W7500, HT6050, MH606, MH606w, MP620, MP625, MP720, MP725, MS527E, MT700, MW529E, MW605w, MW705, MW830UST, MX528E, MX704, PB2120, PB2125, PB2220, PB2225, PB7700, PB9200, PE6800, PE7700, PE8720, PE9200, Palmpro 7763PA, Palmpro 7763PE, Palmpro 7765PA, SL10S, SL7005, SL700S, SL700X, SL703S, SL703SA, SL705S, SL705SA, SL705X, SL705XA, SL710S, SL710X, W10000, W500, W8000, W9000, PE7200, SW916, EP4735D, EP4737, EP4742, MX760, MX761, MX762 ST, MX762ST, MX812ST, TX762ST, W7000, W7000+, EX7238D, MW766, MW767, MW769, MW822ST, MX766, MX768, MX822ST, SH940, SP890, HC1200, MH740, SH915, SX912, DS760, DX760, PB8100, PB8120, PB8140, PB8210, PB8220, PB8230, PB8240, MP727, PB8125, PB8215, PB8225, PB8235, PU9730 (Single lamp), PW9620 (Single lamp), PX9710 (Single lamp), HW9630, MP724, PU9530, PW9500, PW9520, PX9510, PX9600, SH960 (Lamp #1), SH960 (Lamp #2), EP1230, MP711, MP711c, MP722, MP723, MP510, SP920 #2, PB6100, PB6105, PB6200, PB6205, PB6110, PB6115, PB6120, PB6210, PB6215, PE5120, PE5125, MP771, SP920 #1, SP930, W550, PE7800, PE8700, PE8710, DS650, DS650D, DS655, DS660, DX650, DX650D, DX655, DX660, PB8200, HT480B, HT480W, HT720W, SU917, PU9220, PX9210, SH963 (LAMP #1), SH963 (LAMP #2), SU964 (LAMP #1), SU964 (LAMP #2), TH963 (LAMP #1), TH963 (LAMP #2), SX914, EP880, SP870, SP891, MH760, SU922, SW921, SX920 Lamp Model: 5J.JKX05.001, 5J.J9W05.001, 5J.J1V05.001, 5J.J6H05.001, 5J.JD705.001, 5J.J6L05.001, 5J.J7T05.001, 5J.J9205.001, 5J.J8E05.001, 5J.JAG05.001, 5J.J8G05.001, 5J.J0T05.001, 5J.J4V05.001, 5J.J7C05.001, 5J.J1X05.001, 5J.J9A05.001, 5J.J7K05.001, 5J.J3T05.001, 5J.J0605.001, 5J.J2S05.001, 5J.J2V05.001, 5J.J5R05.001, 5J.JAC05.001, 5J.J3A05.001, 5J.J8F05.001, 5J.J8J05.001, 5J.J3S05.001, 5J.J3V05.001, 5J.J6S05.001, 5J.J3L05.001, 5J.J4R05.001, 5J.J6V05.001, 5J.J3K05.001, 5J.JCW05.001, 5J.JHN05.001, 5J.JHH05.001, 5J.JH505.001, 5J.JGS05.001, 5J.J5X05.001, 5J.J5105.001, 5J.Y1C05.001, 5J.J7L05.001, 5J.J4G05.001, 5J.JD105.001, 5J.JFH05.001, 5J.J9R05.001, 5J.J9V05.001, 5J.JC205.001, 5J.JAR05.001, 5J.J8M05.011, 5J.08G01.001, 5J.J9H05.001, 5J.JA105.001, 5J.JCA05.001, 5J.J6E05.001, 5J.J5E05.001, 5J.J5405.001, 5J.JE905.001, 5J.JFM05.001, 5J.J6P05.001, 5J.J9P05.001, 5J.J9E05.001, 5J.Y1605.001, 5J.JEE05.001, 5J.06001.001, 5J.JCV05.001, 5J.J9M05.001, 5J.J5205.001, 9E.08001.001, 9E.Y1301.001, 5J.J0A05.001, 5J.JEL05.001, 5J.JCL05.001, 5J.JG705.001, 5J.JA805.001, 5J.JC505.001, 5J.J2C01.001, 5J.JAH05.001, CS.5JJ2F.001, 5J.JED05.001, 5J.J1R03.001, CS.5JJ1B.1B1, 5J.J4S05.001, 5J.J1M02.001, 5J.Y1E05.001, 5J.JDM05.001, 5J.Y1405.001, 5J.JCM05.001, 59.J9301.CG1 | 59.JG301.CG1, 5J.J0105.001, 5J.J4105.001, 5J.J0705.001, 5J.J2G01.001, 5J.JGR05.001, 5J.J1Y01.001, 5J.JGP05.001, 5J.05Q01.001, 5J.J6D05.001, 5J.JEA05.001, 60.J0804.CB2, 5J.JKC05.001, 5J.JDT05.001, 5J.J4J05.001, 5J.J2H01.001, 59.J8101.CG1, 5J.08001.001, CS.5J0DJ.001, 5J.J0405.001, 5J.J0W05.001, 5J.J2D05.001, 5J.JFG05.001, 5J.J2D05.011, 5J.J3E05.001, 5J.J2605.001, 5J.JD305.001, 60.J5016.CB1, 5J.J2N05.011, 5J.J4N05.001, 5J.J6N05.001, 5J.J8W05.001, 5J.04J05.001, 5J.JGX05.001, CS.5JJ1K.001, 5J.JFR05.001, 59.J0C01.CG1, 5J.JEC05.001, 5J.JDV05.001, 5J.JCJ05.001, 60.J2203.CB1, 65.J0H07.CG1, 60.J6010.CB1, 59.J0B01.CG1, 60.J1610.001, 60.J1331.001, 5J.J2K02.001, BENQ-PE7200-LAMP, 5J.JA705.001, 5J.J3J05.001, 5J.J3905.001, 5J.J6R05.001, 5J.JAA05.001, 5J.J8A05.001, 5J.J2805.001, 5J.J8805.001, 60.J3503.CB1, 59.J9401.CG1, 5J.Y1B05.001, 65.J4002.001, 5J.JC705.001, 5J.JAM05.001, 5J.Y1H05.011, 5J.J4L05.001, 5J.J4L05.021, 5J.06W01.001, 5J.01201.001, 9E.0C101.011, 60.J8618.CG1, 59.J9901.CG1, 5J.07E01.001, 9E.0C101.001, 5J.J1105.001, 60.J2104.CG1, 60.J3416.CG1, 60.J2010.CB2, 5J.JCT05.001, 5J.JDH05.001, 5J.J8C05.001, 5J.J8C05.002, 5J.J8K05.001, 9E.0CG03.001, 5J.J4D05.001, 5J.JDP05.001

Canon LV-S3E,  LV-X7,  LV-7250,  LV-WX300,

Dell 2400MP,  4220,  4320,  1410X,  1610HD,  M209X,  4210X,  1410X ,  1609WX, 1210S, 1210S 2YNBD, 1510X, 1610HD, 1610X, P318S, S320, S320WI, 1420X, 1430X, 1650, 1850, 1220, 1450, S560P, S560T, 1800MP, 1800MP MJ815, 4350, 1550, 1410X, 1200MP, 1201MP, 2300MP, S510, S510N, S510WI, S520, S520N, S520WI, 5100MP, S300, S300 3YNBD, S300w, S300wI 3YNBD, S300wi, 1209S, 1409X, 1609HD, 1609WX, 1609X, S500, S500 Ultra Short Throw, S500wi, 2400MP, 4210X, 4310WX, 4310X, 4610X, 2100MP, 3300MP, 3400MP, 3500MP, M209X, M210X, M210X 3YNBD, M409MX, M409WX, M409X, M410HD, M410HD 2YNBD, M410X, 4220, 4230, 4320, 4100MP, 7609WU, 7609WU 3YNBD, 1100MP, K7815, 2200MP, 7700, 7700 FullHD

Projector Model: Epson X18,  EB-1776W,  EB-435W,  EB-1880,  EMP-1825,  EB-905,  EB-X41,  EB-X18,  EB-965H,  EB-X12,  XB-X12,  EB-W31,  EB-W12,  EB-S41,  EB-S31,  EB-X04,  EB-1955,  EB-S02,  EB-W41,  EB-4950WU,  Powerlite98H,  EMP-82,  EB-G7100,  EB-S18,  EH-TW5350,  EB-G5450WU,  EB-1975W,  EB-455WI,  EB-W31 ,  EB-530,  EB-X14,  EB-X31,  EB-X05,  EB-W18,  EB-X03,  EB-W10,  EB-2055,  EH-TW5200 and more Lamp Model: ELPLP51 ELPLP53 ELPLP60 ELPLP61 ELPLP62 ELPLP63 ELPLP64 ELPLP65 ELPLP67 ELPLP71 ELPLP72 ELPLP73 ELPLP75 ELPLP76 ELPLP77 ELPLP78 ELPLP80 ELPLP81 ELPLP82 ELPLP83 ELPLP84 ELPLP87 ELPLP88 ELPLP91 ELPLP92 ELPLP93 ELPLP94 ELPLP95 ELPLP97

Hitachi Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector Model: Hitachi CP-X264,  CP-A100,  CP-X5021N,  CP-X4015WN,  CP-D27WN,  CP-X4022WN,  CP-RX94,  CP-DX301,  CP-D32W,  CP-X3014WN,  CP-EX250EF,  CP-X3030WNEF,  CP-X3021WN,  CP-RX79EP,  CP-EX300,  CP-X4042WN,  CP-X3030WN,  CP-EX301,  CP-EX302,  CP-DX250,   CPX-380,   CP-X2520, CP-D20, HCP-Q5, HCP-Q51, HCP-Q55, HCP-Q7, CP-D31N, CP-DX250, CP-DX300, HCP-Q71, ImagePro 8112, CP-RX94, CP-X2530WN, CP-X3030WN, ED-27X, HCP-200X, HCP-201X, HCP-300X, HCP-426X, HCP-430X, CP-WX2515WN, CP-X2015WN, CP-X2510N, CP-X2515WN, CP-X3015WN, CP-X4015WN, HCP-527X, HCP-532X, HCP-625WX, HCP-630WX, HCP-630X, HCP-632X, HCP-635X, CP-WX12, CP-WX12WN, CP-X11WN, CP-X2021, CP-X2021WN, CP-X2521, CP-X2521WN, CP-X3021WN, HCP-U25S, HCP-U26W, HCP-U27N, HCP-U27P, HCP-U32N, HCP-U32P, BZ-1M, CP-A220N, CP-A250NL, CP-A3, CP-A300N, CP-AW2505, CP-AW250N, CP-AW250NM, CP-AX2503, CP-AX2504, CP-AX2505, CP-AX3005, CP-BX301WN, CP-CW250WN, CP-CW300WN, CP-CX250, CP-CX300WN, CP-CX301WN, CP-TW2505, ED-A220NM, HCP-A101, HCP-A102, HCP-A727, HCP-A81, HCP-A82, HCP-A83, HCP-A85W, HCP-K26, HCP-K31, HCP-L25, HCP-L26, HCP-L260, HCP-L30, HCP-Q200, HCP-Q300, HCP-Q300W, HCP-Q81, iPJ-AW250NM, BZ-1, CP-A221N, CP-A221NM, CP-A301N, CP-A301NM, CP-AW251N, CP-AW251NM, CP-RX80, CP-RX80W, CP-WX3011N, CP-WX3014WN, CP-X2010, CP-X2010N, CP-X2011, CP-X2011N, CP-X2510, CP-X2510E, CP-X2510EN, CP-X2510Z, CP-X2511, CP-X2511N, CP-X2514WN, CP-X3010, CP-X3010E, CP-X3010EN, CP-X3010N, CP-X3010Z, CP-X3011, CP-X3011N, CP-X3014WN, CP-X3511, CP-X4011N, CP-X4014WN, ED-X24, ED-X24Z, ED-X40, ED-X40Z, ED-X42, ED-X42EF, ED-X42Z, ED-X42ZEP, HCP-2200X, HCP-2600X, HCP-2650X, HCP-270X, HCP-2720X, HCP-3000X, HCP-3020X, HCP-3050X, HCP-3200X, HCP-320X, HCP-3230X, HCP-325X, HCP-3560X, HCP-3580X, HCP-360, HCP-360X, HCP-4020X, HCP-4030X, HCP-4050X, HCP-240X, HCP-280X, HCP-380X, CP-A222WN, CP-A222WNM, CP-A302WN, CP-A302WNM, CP-AW2519N, CP-AW2519NM, CP-AW252WN, CP-AW252WNM, CP-D27WN, CP-D32WN, CP-DW25WN, CP-EW300, CP-EW300N, CP-EX400, HCP-A220, HCP-A92, HCP-A95W, HCP-Q60, HCP-Q60w, HCP-Q61, HCP-Q61w, HCP-Q65, HCP-Q80, HCP-Q85, HCP-Q86, 50V500, 50V500A, 50VX500, 60V500, 60V500A, 60VX500, CP-DX301, CP-A352WN, CP-AW2503, CP-AW3003, CP-AW3005, CP-AW3019WNM, CP-AW312WN, CP-AW3506, CP-AX3003, CP-AX3503, CP-AX3505, CP-BW301N, CP-BW301WN, CP-BX301N, CP-EW301N, CP-EW302, CP-EW302N, CP-EW302WN, CP-EX251N, CP-EX252, CP-EX252N, CP-EX301N, CP-EX302, CP-EX302N, CP-EX401, CP-EX402, CP-TW2503, CP-TW3003, CP-TW3005, CP-TW3506, CP-WX3030WN, CP-WX3041WN, CP-WX3042WN, CP-WX3530WN, CP-WX3541WN, CP-WX4041WN, CP-WX4042WN, CP-X2541WN, CP-X2542WN, CP-X3041WN, CP-X3042WN, CP-X3541WN, CP-X3542WN, CP-X4030WN, CP-X4041WN, CP-X4042WN, HCP-340X, HCP-345X, HCP-347X, HCP-839X, HCP-A205W, HCP-A300, CP-EX250, CP-EX250N, CP-EX300, CP-EX300N, HCP-850X, CP-HX2075A, CP-HX2090, CP-HX3180, CP-HX3188, CP-HX3280, CP-X251, CP-X256, ED-X10, ED-X1092, ED-X12, ED-X15, HCP-50X, CP-A100, CP-A100J, CP-A101, ED-A100, ED-A100J, ED-A110, ED-A110J, HCP-A8, 50VF820, 50VG825, 50VS810A, 55VF820, 55VG825, 60VF820, 60VG825, 60VS810A, CP-K1155, CP-WU8440, CP-WX4021, CP-WX4021N, CP-WX4022WN, CP-WX5021, CP-WX5021N, CP-WX8240, CP-WX8240A, CP-X4021, CP-X4021N, CP-X4022WN, CP-X5021, CP-X5021N, CP-X5022WN, CP-X8150, HCP-4060WX, HCP-4060X, HCP-4200WX, HCP-4200X, HCP-5000X, HCP-5100X, HCP-5150X, HCP-845X, HCP-D747U, HCP-D747W, HCP-D757X, HCP-D758X, CP-RX79, CP-RX82, CP-RX93, ED-X26, CP-WX8, CP-WX8GF, CP-X2020, CP-X2520, CP-X3020, CP-X7, CP-X8, CP-X9, CPWX8, CPX7, CPX8, CPX9, ED-X50, ED-X52, HCP-2250X, HCP-2700X, HCP-2750X, HCP-3250X, HCP-U25E, HCP-U26E, HCP-U27E, HCP-U27S, HCP-U32S, CP-HS2175, CP-HX2075, CP-HX2175, CP-S240, CP-S245, CP-S255, CP-X240, CP-X250, CP-X250WF, CP-X250WNUF, CP-X255, CP-X8225, CP-X8250, ED-X8250, ED-X8255, 50VS69, 50VS69A, 55VS69, 62VS69, 62VS69A, CP-HX2076, CP-HX2176, CP-X260, CP-X265, CP-X267, CP-X268, CP-X268A, HCP-500X, HCP-580X, HX-3180, HX-3188, PJ-658, CP-RX78, CP-RX78W, 50V720, CP-WX401, CP-WX410, CP-X201, CP-X206, CP-X301, CP-X306, CP-X401, CP-X450, CP-X467, CP-XW410, ED-X31, ED-X33, HCP-6680X, HCP-6780X, HCP-900X, HCP-90X, HCP-960X, HCP-A10, 42V515, 42V525, 42V710, 42V715, 50C10, 50V500G, 50V525E, 50V710, 50V715, 60V525E, 60V710, 60V715, CP-A200, CP-A52, ED-A10, ED-A101, ED-A111, ED-A6, ED-A7, HCP-A6, HCP-A7, CP-HX3080, CP-HX4050, CP-HX4060, CP-HX4080, CP-HX4090, CP-X440, CP-X443, CP-X444, CP-X445, CP-X445W, CP-X455, HCP-6200X, 50VS810, 50VX915, 60VS810, 60VX915, 70VS810, 70VX915, 50C20, CP-X935, CP-HS1000, CP-S225, CP-S225A, CP-S225AT, CP-S225W, CP-S225WAT, CP-S225WT, CP-S317, CP-S318, CP-X200, CP-X205, CP-X30, CP-X300, CP-X300WF, CP-X305, CP-X308, CP-X32, CP-X400, CP-X417, CP-X417WF, ED-S3170, ED-S317A, ED-S317B, ED-X30, ED-X32, ED-X3280AT, HCP-800X, HCP-80X, HCP-880X, HCP-890X, CP-HS1050, CP-HS1060, CP-HX1090, CP-HX1095, CP-HX1098, CP-S317W, CP-S318W, CP-S318WT, CP-S328W, CP-S328WT, CP-X328, CP-X328W, CP-X328WT, ED-S3170A, ED-S3170AT, ED-X3280, HD-PJ52, PJ-TX100, PJ-TX100W, PJ-TX200, PJ-TX200W, PJ-TX300, PJ-TX300E, PJ-TX300W, CP-HX1080, CP-X275, CP-X275W, CP-X275WA, CP-X275WT, CP-HS1090, CP-S220WA, CP-X270, CP-X270W, CP-X327, CP-X327W, ED-X3250, ED-X3250AT, ED-X3270, PJ-LC2001, CP-EW3015WN, CP-EW3551WN, CP-EW4051WN, CP-EX303, CP-EX3051WN, CP-EX353, CP-EX3551WN, CP-SX12000, CP-WX11000, CP-X10000, CP-X10001, CP-X11000, HCP-EX7K, HCP-SX7K, HCP-WX7K, SX12000, WX11000, CP-WU5500, CP-WU5505, CP-WU5506M, CP-WX5500, CP-WX5505, CP-X5500, CP-X5550, CP-X5555, HCP-FU50, HCP-FU50H, HCP-FW50, HCP-FW50H, HCP-FX55, HCP-FX55H, CP-X4010, CP-X4020, CP-X4020E, HCP-4000X, CP-HS800, CP-HSX8500, CP-HX6300, CP-HX6500, CP-HX6500A, CP-RX70, CP-RX70W, CP-RX70WF, CP-S210F, CP-S210T, CP-S210W, CP-S210WF, CP-S210WT, CP-S830, CP-SX1350, CP-SX1350W, CP-WU13K, CP-X1, CP-X1230, CP-X1250, CP-X1250J, CP-X1250W, CP-X1350, CP-X2, CP-X210, CP-X253, CP-X25LWN, CP-X264, CP-X3, CP-X3W, CP-X4, CP-X5, CP-X5W, CP-X6, CP-X6W, ED-X20, ED-X22, HCP-380WX, HCP-600X, HCP-60X, HCP-610X, HCP-70X, HCP-7500X, HCP-75X, HCP-76X, HCP-78WX, HCP-N3210X, HSX8500, MP-J1, MP-J1EF, MVP-H45L, PJ-LC5, CP-HS2050, CP-HX1085, CP-HX2060, CP-HX2060A, CP-S335, CP-S335W, CP-X335, CP-X340, CP-X340W, CP-X340WF, CP-X345, CP-X345W, CP-X345WF, ED-S3350, ED-X3400, ED-X3450, CP-SX635, CP-WUX645, CP-WUX645N, CP-WX625, CP-WX625W, CP-X809, CP-X809W, HCP-7200WX, CP-AW100N, CP-D10, CP-DW10, CP-DW10N, ED-AW100N, ED-AW110N, ED-D10N, ED-D11N, HCP-Q3, HCP-Q3W, CP-F500, CP-SX8350, CP-WU8450, CP-WU8451, CP-WX8255, CP-WX8255A, CP-X8160, HCP-D757S, HCP-D757U, HCP-D757W, HCP-D767X, HCP-D777X, CP-X615, CP-X705, CP-X807, HCP-7100X, HCP-7600X, HCP-7700X, HCP-8000X, HCP-8050X, HCP-810X, MVP-T50+, CP-HS900, CP-S235, CP-S235W, HS900, CP-S840B, CP-S840WB, CP-S845, CP-S845W, CP-S845WA, CP-S850, CP-X938B, CP-X938WB, CP-X938Z, CP-X940B, CP-X940WB, CP-HS980, CP-HS982, CP-HS982C, CP-HS985, CP-HX980, CP-HX982, CP-HX990, CP-HX992, CP-HX995, CP-RS55, CP-RS55W, CP-RS56, CP-RS56+, CP-RS57, CP-RX60, CP-RX60Z, CP-RX61, CP-RX61+, EDP-PJ32, EP-PJ32, HCP-35S, PJ-LC7, PJ-LC9, CP-S220, CP-S220A, CP-S220W, CP-S270, CP-S270W, CP-HS2010, CP-HX2000, CP-HX2020, CP-S370, CP-S370W, CP-S380W, CP-S385W, CP-S860, CP-S860W, CP-S958W, CP-S960, CP-S960W, CP-S960WA, CP-S970W, CP-SX380, CP-X380, CP-X380W, CP-X385, CP-X385W, CP-X860W, CP-X958, CP-X958W, CP-X960, CP-X960A, CP-X960W, CP-X960WA, CP-X970, CP-X970W, CP-HX2080, CP-HX2080A, CP-S420, CP-S420W, CP-S420WA, CP-X430, CP-X430W, CP-X430WA, MC-X2500, MVP-X12, SRP-2600, CP-WX30LWN, CP-X30LWN, CP-980, CP-985, CP-HS2000, CP-S310, CP-S310W, CP-X320, CP-X320W, CP-X325, CP-X325W, CP-X980, CP-X980W, CP-X985, CP-X985W, MC-X320, MC-X3200, MVP-3530, CP-WU8460, CP-WU8461, CP-WX8265, CP-X8170, HCP-D767U, CP-HX5000, CP-X880, CP-X880W, CP-X885, CP-X885W, SRP-3240, CP-WU8600, CP-WU8600B, CP-WU8600W, CP-WX8650B, CP-WX8650W, HCP-D867U, HCP-D867W, CP-X505, CP-X600, CP-X605, CP-X605W, CP-X608, HCP-6600X, HCP-6700X, HCP-6800X, HCP-7000X, CP-HD9320, CP-HD9321, TCP-D1080H, TCP-D1080U, CP-X1200, CP-X1200JA, CP-X1200W, CP-X1200WA, CP-WU8700, CP-WU8700B, CP-WU8700W, CP-WU8700WGF, CP-WU8750B, CP-WU8750W, CP-WU8800B, CP-WU8800W, CP-WX8750, CP-WX8750B, CP-WX8750W, CP-X8800, CP-X8800B, CP-X8800W, HCP-D877U, HCP-D877W, HCP-D887X, CP-HX3000, CP-HX6000, CP-S995, CP-X990, CP-X990W, CP-X995, CP-X995W, CP-HD9950B, CP-WU9100B, CP-WU9410, CP-WU9411, CP-WX9210, CP-WX9211, CP-X9110, CP-X9111, CP-S840, CP-S840A, CP-S840W, CP-S840WA, CP-S935W, CP-S938W, CP-X840WA, CP-X935W, CP-X938, CP-X938W, CP-X940, CP-X940W, CP-X940WA Lamp Model: DT01121, DT01123, DT01461, DT01241, DT01431, DT01371, DT01025, DT01191, DT01181, DT01511, DT01251, DT01022, DT01021, DT01435, DT01381, DT01491, UX21511, DT01851, DT01411, DT01481, DT01433, DT00757, DT00891, UX21516, DT01171, DT01281, DT01151, DT01141, DT00731, UX25951, DT00751, DT01081, UX21517, DT00911, UX21513, DT00893, 456-8101H, DT00691, UX21514, UX21518, DT00201, DT00401, DT00841, DT00511, DT00661, DT00461, DT00521, DT00381, DT02081, DT01001, DT01931, DT01051, DT00581, DT00601, DT00781, DT00171, DT01591, DT01571, DT00821, DT00671, DT00873, DT01091, DT01291, DT00871, DT00621, DT00236, DT00701, DT00301, DT00431, DT00231, DT00471, DT02051, DT00341, DT00331, DT01471, DT00531, DT01871, DT00771, DT01731, DT00591, DT01881, DT00491, DT01911

Infocus Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector Model: Infocus IN122, IN105, IN124, IN102, IN112, IN114, IN114ST, IN116, IN3914, IN3916, IN1501, IN2112, IN2114, IN2116, IN2192, IN2194, IN146, IN3924, IN3926, IN1116, IN1116LC, IN1118HD, IN1118HDLC, IN112a, IN114a, IN116a, IN118HDSTa, IN118HDa, IN124ST, IN126ST, IN3914 A (SN with A in 8th digit), IN3916 A (SN with A in 8th digit), IN134UST, IN136UST, IN3138HD, IN8606HD, IN8601, SP8600, SP8600 HD3D, IN122, IN124, IN126, IN2124, IN2126, LP130, IN1503, EB26A, IN122A, IN124A, IN124STA, IN126A, IN126STA, IN2124A, IN2126A, IN2128HDA, IN220, IN222, IN224, IN225, IN226, IN128HDSTX, IN128HDX, IN2128HDX, IN112xa, IN112xv, IN114xa, IN114xv, IN116xa, IN121xv, C109, IN112x, IN114x, IN116x, IN118HDxc, IN119HDx, IN72, IN74, IN74EX, IN76, IN78, LPX1, LPX1A, SP1080, SP4800, ScreenPlay 4800, T30, X1, X1A, IN5132, IN5134, IN5135, IN102, A3100, A3180, A3186, A3300, A3380, IN3102, IN3106, IN3182, IN3186, IN3902LB, IN3904LB, WS3220, WS3260, IN104, IN105, C216, IN2101, IN2102, IN2102EP, IN2104, IN2104EP, IN2106, IN2106EP, IN25, IN27, IN27W, W2100, W2106, Work Big IN2102, Work Big IN2104, Work Big IN2106, XS1, DP-1100X, IN10, M2, M2+, M6, LP70, LP70+, IN5122, IN5124, X15, X20, X21, X6, X7, X9, X9C, IN3130a Series, IN3134a, IN3136a, IN3138HDa, IN8602, SP8602, IN3118HD, C160, C180, LP540, LP640, LS5000, SP5000, ScreenPlay 5000, EN732, IN3124, IN3126, IN3128HD, IN80, IN80EU, IN81, IN82, IN83, M82, X10, IN3110, IN3114, IN3116, A3200, IN3104, IN3108, IN3184, IN3188, IN3280, WS3240, LP755, C500, IN5102, IN5106, C110, C130, DQ-3120, DepthQ 3120, LPX2, LPX3, X2, X3, IN5542, IN5544, C350, IN38, IN39, C450, C460, DP8500X, LP850, LP860, IN5104, IN5108, IN5110, LS777, SP777, ScreenPlay 777, C410, C420, DP-8200X, LP815, LP820, C105, DP-6155, LP690, LS4805, SP4805, ScreenPlay 4805, IN5142, IN5144, IN5145, IN5302, IN5304, IN5382, IN5384, IN24+, IN24+EP, IN26+, IN26+EP, IN24, IN24EP, IN26, W240, W260, C445, C445+, IN42, IN42+, IN5502, IN5504, IN5532 (LAMP #1), IN5533 (LAMP #1), IN5533L (LAMP #1), IN5534 (LAMP #1), IN5535 (LAMP #1), IN5535L (LAMP #1), IN5582, IN5584, IN5586 (LAMP #1), IN5588 (LAMP #1), T160, X16, X17, SP8604, IN5532 (LAMP #2), IN5533 (LAMP #2), IN5533L (LAMP #2), IN5534 (LAMP #2), IN5535 (LAMP #2), IN5535L (LAMP #2), IN5586 (LAMP #2), IN5588 (LAMP #2), C440, DP-8400X, IN5312, IN5314, IN5316HD, IN5318, LP840, DP-9525, LP810, DP-1200X, LP120, M1, LP800, C200, DP-6500X, LP650, LS5700, LS7200, LS7205, LS7210, SP5700, SP7200, SP7205, SP7210, SP7251, ScreenPlay 5700, ScreenPlay 7200, ScreenPlay 7205, ScreenPlay 7210, IN5312a, IN5316HDa, IN6316HD, IN5552L, IN5554L, IN5555L, IN5852L, IN5854L, IN5855L, LP500, LP510, LP520, LP530, LP5300, LP530D, LS110, SP110  Lamp Model: SP-LAMP-069, SP-LAMP-062, SP-LAMP-059, SP-LAMP-057, SP-LAMP-063, SP-LAMP-077, SP-LAMP-095, SP-LAMP-086, SP-LAMP-083, SP-LAMP-062A, SP-LAMP-084, SP-LAMP-088, SP-LAMP-085, SP-LAMP-065, SP-LAMP-070, SP-LAMP-LP1, SP-LAMP-052, SP-LAMP-087, SP-LAMP-091, SP-LAMP-089, SP-LAMP-094, SP-LAMP-097, SP-LAMP-009, SP-LAMP-093, SP-LAMP-025, SP-LAMP-047, SP-LAMP-080, SP-LAMP-060, SP-LAMP-041, SP-LAMP-061, SP-LAMP-039, SP-LAMP-040, SP-LAMP-033, SP-LAMP-003, SP-LAMP-064, SP-LAMP-037, SP-LAMP-092, SP-LAMP-054, SP-LAMP-072, SP-LAMP-017, SP-LAMP-078, SP-LAMP-032, SP-LAMP-058, SP-LAMP-042, V13H010L07, SP-LAMP-038, SP-LAMP-018, SP-LAMP-079, SP-LAMP-034, DT00601, SP-LAMP-046, SP-LAMP-020, SP-LAMP-012, LAMP-031, SP-LAMP-021, SP-LAMP-081, SP-LAMP-053, SP-LAMP-028, SP-LAMP-024, SP-LAMP-027, SP-LAMP-055, SP-LAMP-044, SP-LAMP-066, SP-LAMP-056, DT00591, SP-LAMP-073, 610 297 3891, SP-LAMP-013, DT00491, SP-LAMP-006, SP-LAMP-090, SP-LAMP-082, SP-LAMP-LP5F, SP-LAMP-019, SP-LAMP-LP2E, SP-LAMP-026, SP-LAMP-007, SP-LAMP-008, SP-LAMP-043, SP-LAMP-076, VLT-X200LP, SP-LAMP-005, 610 289 8422, V13H010L11, SP-LAMP-022

Mitsubishi Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Mitsubishi WD570U,  WD380U-EST,  ES200U,  EX320U,  XD8100U,  HC900,  HC3800,  XD250U,  LVP-X70U,  XD560U

NEC Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector Model: NEC M361X, VT46, PA500X, NP-V260G, V260X, NP62, NP215, NP115, V260G, M302WSG, NP-PA600XG, PA600X, NP-M300XG, NP-M350XG, VE281, NP-VE281G, VE281X, VE281XG, NP905G2, NP43, M311WG, NP-V300XG, NP510G, M350XG, NP-V260XG, VE281G, NP100G, NP-VE280XG, VE280X, M300X, NP215G, V300, VE280G, VT49, P451X, NP-VE280G, NP-MC421XG, NP-P420XG, NP-VE281XG, NP-V300W, NP-V332WG, NP-CR2165X, NP-M332XSG, VT49G, NP-P451XG, V311XG, VT470G, V260XG, NP-M311XG, VT595G, LT380, LT260K, M350X, M322X, VE303G, NP-M402XG, NP-V300W+, NP-V300X, NP-VE281, V281W, V300W, V300W+, V300X, V300X+, V311W, V311X, V311X+, NP-V230+, NP-V230X+, NP-V260+, NP-V260X+, NP-V260XG, NP110, NP110G, NP115, NP115G, NP210, NP210G, NP215, NP215G, NP216, V230, V230+, V230X, V230X+, V260, V260+, V260R, V260W, V260W+, V260X, V260X+, M320XS+C, MC350XS, MC370X+, NP-CR2270X, M421X, MC301X, MC331W, MC331X, MC371X, MC401X, M282X, M282XS, M283X, NP-M282XG, NP-M282XS, NP-M283X, NP-VE303, NP-U250X, NP-U250X+, NP-U250XG, NP-U260W, NP-U260W+, NP-U260WG, U250X, U250XG, U260W, U260WG, M323H, M332XS, M332XSG, M333XS, M352WS, M352WSG, M353WS, M402H, M402W, M402WG, M402X, M402XG, M402XV, M403H, M403W, M403X, NP-M323H, NP-M332XS, NP-M332XSG, NP-M333XS, NP-M352WS, NP-M352WSG, NP-M353WS, NP-M402H, NP-M402W, NP-M402WG, NP-M402X, NP-M402XG, NP-M403H, NP-M403W, NP-M403WG, NP-M403X, M302W, M302WS, M302X, M302XS, M303WS, M322W, M322WS, M322X, M322XS, M323W, M323X, NP-M302W, NP-M302WS, NP-M302X, NP-M302XS, NP-M303WS, NP-M322W, NP-M322WS, NP-M322X, NP-M322XS, NP-M323W, NP-M323X, ME331W, ME361W, NP-ME301W, NP-ME301X, NP-ME331W, NP-ME331X, NP-ME361W, NP-ME361X, NP-ME401W, NP-ME401X, NP60, NP60+, NP60G, NP-V302W, NP-V302X, NP305, NP305EDU, NP305G, NP310, NP310+, NP405+, NP405G, NP410, NP410+, NP410G, NP420, NP420+, NP430C, NP510, NP510+, NP510G, NP530, NP530C, NP630, NP630C, V302W, V302X, NP-UM351W, NP300, NP300EDU, NP400, NP400+, NP400EDU, NP400G, NP410W, NP410WEDU, NP500, NP500+, NP500C, NP500W, NP500WS, NP510C, NP510C+, NP510W, NP510W+, NP510WS, NP510WSG, NP600, NP600+, NP600S, NP600SG, NP610, NP610+, NP610C, NP610C+, NP610S, NP610S+, NP610SG, UM351W, UM351W-WK, UM351Wi-TM, UM351Wi-WK, UM352W, UM361X, UM361X-WK, UM361Xi-TM, UM361Xi-WK, M230X, M230X+, M230XG, M260W, M260W+, M260WS, M260X, M260XC, M260XS, M260XS+, M260XSG, M271W+, M271X, M271XC, M300, M300W, M300W+, M300X, M300XC, M300XS, M300XS+, M311W, M311W+, M311X, M311XC, M350X, M350XC, M350XG, M361X, M361XC, M362W, M362WS, M362X, M362XS, M363W, M363X, ME260X+, ME270X, ME270XC, ME300X+, ME310X, ME310XC, ME350X+, ME360X, ME360XC, NP-M230X, NP-M230X+, NP-M260W, NP-M260X, NP-M260XS+, NP-M271X, NP-M271XG, NP-M300W, NP-M300X, NP-M300X-G, NP-M300XG, NP-M300XS+, NP-M311W, NP-M311X, NP-M350X, NP-M350XC, NP-M362W, NP-M362WS, NP-M362X, NP-M362XS, NP-M363W, NP-M363X, NP-ME310XC, NP-ME310XG, NP-ME360XC, NP-ME360XG, NP-UM280W+, NP-UM280X+, P350X, P350X+, UM280W, UM280W+, UM280X, UM280X+, LT25, LT30, LT30+, UM301W, UM301Wi, UM301X, UM301Xi, NP-V302H, NP-V332W, NP-V332X, V302H, V332W, V332X, NP40, NP40G, NP50, NP50G, LT150z, LT75, LT75z, LT35, LT35+, LT37, LT37+, NP61, NP61+, NP62, NP62+, NP63, NP63+, NP64, NP100, NP100+, NP100A, NP100G, NP101, NP101G, NP200, NP200+, NP200A, NP200EDU, NP200G, NP201, NP201G, NP41, NP41+, NP41G, NP43, NP43+, NP43G, NP52, NP52+, NP52G, NP54, NP54+, NP54G, NP63G, NP901, NP901W, NP901WG, NP905, NP905+, NP905G, NP905G2, NP910W, VT700, VT700G, VT800, VT800G, LT150, NP-U300X, NP-U300X+, NP-U310W+, NP-U310X, U300X, U310W, M260WS+, M300WS, M300WS+, M350XS, M350XS+, M420X, M420X+, M420XG, M420XM, M420XV, M420XVG, NP-M300WS, NP-M420X+, NP-M420XG, NP-M420XV, NP-M420XVG, NP-P350W, NP-P350WG, NP-P420X, NP-P420XG, NP-UM330W, NP-UM330W+, NP-UM330X+, P350W, P350WG, P420X, P420X+, P420XG, UM300W, UM300X, UM330M, UM330W, UM330W+, UM330Wi, UM330Wi-WK1, UM330X, UM330X+, UM330X-WK, UM330X-WK1, UM330Xi-WK1, NP4000, NP4001, NP-U321H, NP-U321H-WK, NP-U321Hi-TM, NP-U321Hi-WK, LT10, LT10G, LT10J, LT20, NP-P401W, NP-P451W, NP-P451X, NP-P501X, NP-PE501X, NP-PE501XG, P401W, P401W+, P451W+, P451X+, P501X, PE501X+, LT280, LT375, LT380, LT380+, LT380G, VT-380, VT375, VT470, VT670, VT670K, VT675, VT676, VT676E, VT676G, DT20, VT770, NC-900C, NC900, NC900C, NP-P474U, NP-P474W, NP-P474WJL, NP-P554U, NP-P554UJL, NP-P554W, NP-P554WJL, NP-P604XJL, NP-PE523X, NP-PE523XG, P554U, P554W, P603X, P604X, PE523X, LT180, NP-PX581W, NP-PX581W+, NP-PX651X, NP-PX651X+, PX581W, PX581W+, PX651X, PX651X+, MT1040, MT1040E, MT1045, MT840, MT840E, NP-PX550X+, NP-PX620X+, NP4100, NP4100+, NP4100-09ZL, NP4100W, NP4100W+, PX550X+, PX620X+, MT1070, MT1075, MT1075G, NP-P452H, NP-P452W, P452H, P452W, HT410, HT510, NP-PE401+, NP-PE401H, VT37, VT47, VT570, VT575, VT48, VT48G, VT49, VT57, VT58, VT59, NP-P502H, NP-P502W, P502H, P502HL, P502W, MT1060, MT1060R, MT1060W, MT1065, MT1065G, MT860, NP1150, NP1150+, NP1150G2, NP1200, NP1200+, NP1250, NP1250+, NP1250G2, NP2150, NP2150+, NP2150G2, NP2200, NP2201, NP2250, NP2250G2, NP3150, NP3150G2, NP3150LP, NP3151, NP3151W, NP3151W+, NP3200, NP3200+, NP3250, NP3250+, NP3250W, NP3250WG, NP3250WG2, NP3251, MT1050, MT1055, MT1056, MT850, NP1000, NP1000G, NP2000, NP2000+, NP2000G, GT5000, GT5000+, GT6000, GT6000+, VT480, VT490, VT490G, VT491, VT495, VT580, VT590, VT590+, VT590G, VT595, VT680, VT695, VT695+, VT695G, WT610, WT615, NP-PA500U, NP-PA500X, NP-PA521U, NP-PA550W, NP-PA550WG, NP-PA5520W, NP-PA600X, NP-PA671W+, PA500U, PA500U+, PA500X, PA500X+, PA522U, PA522U+, PA550W, PA550W+, PA550WG, PA5520W, PA571W, PA571W+, PA571W-13ZL, PA572W+, PA600X, PA600X+, PA621U+, PA621X, PA621X+, PA621X-13ZL, PA622U, PA622U+, PA622X, PA622XG, PA651X, PA671W+, PA672W, PA672W+, PA672W-13ZL, PA721X+, PA722X, PA722X+, PA722X-13ZL, HT1000, HT1100, LT200, LT220, LT240, LT240K, LT245, LT260, LT260K, LT265, LT265+, LT60, WT600, NP-PX700W, NP-PX750U, NP-PX750U-18ZL, NP-PX750U2, NP-PX800X, PH1000U, PH1000U+, PX700W, PX700W+, PX700W2, PX700WG, PX750U, PX750U+, PX750U2, PX800X, PX800X+, PX800X2, 2000i DVS, VT46, VT460, VT460K, VT465, VT475, VT560, VT660, VT660K, NP-PH1400U, PH1400U  Lamp Model: NP18LP, NP13LP, NP37LP, NP41LP, NP27LP, NP40LP, NP19LP, NP30LP, NP28LP, NP43LP, NP03LP, NP36LP, NP14LP, NP33LP, NP07LP, NP15LP, NP16LP, NP29LP, LT30LP, NP32LP, NP35LP, NP02LP, LT51LP, LT35LP, NP09LP, NP10LP, NP08LP, NP05LP, LT50LP, NP20LP, NP17LP, NP04LP, NP34LP, SP.86801.001, SP.82F01.001, NP23LP, VT75LP, DT02LP, VT77LP, NP-9LP01, NP44LP, LH02LP, NP31LP, MT40LP, NP12LP, MT70LP, NP38LP, LH01LP, NP24LP, VT70LP, VT80LP, NP39LP, MT60LP, NP06LP, MT50LP, NP01LP, GT60LP, VT85LP, WT61LPE, NP21LP, NP26LP, LT60LP(K), NP22LP, VT60LP

Optoma Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Optoma W501,  X312,  ES551,  W316ST,  S341,  EX785,  EP7161,  S316,  HD29Darbee,  HD25,  HD20

Panasonic Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector model: Panasonic LB300, PT-LB3EA, PT-ST10EA, D6000, LX30H, LB330, PT-DZ570U, PT-EX610, PT-LB300, PT-LB280, PT-VX600, PT-VX500, PT-LB360, PT-LX30H, PT-LB2EA, PT-LW280, LB50, PT-LB2VEA, PT-F300, PT-D5700, PT-LX26EA, PT-LB1VEA, LB-330, LB-300, PT-VX410, PT-D5000ES, D12000, PT-ST10, PT-LB51, PT-EX600E, DZ570, LB1VEA, PT-F300EA, PT-DZ570, PT-D6000ES, PT-VX605N, PT-XW2731STC, PT-LB330, PT-VX500EA, DZ570U, PT-AE700E, PT-LB2, PT-LW373, PT-LB50SEA, FX400, AE700E, PT-LB353, PT-SD2600C, PT-D5100 , PT-D5700 , PT-D5700E , PT-D5700L , PT-D5700U , PT-D5700UL , PT-DF5700 , PT-DW5100 , PT-DW5100L , PT-DW5100U , PT-DW5100UL , PT-DW5700E , PT-FD570 , PT-FD5700 , PT-FDW510 , PT-FDW510L , PT-FDW570 , PT-BW530C, PT-BX620, PT-BX621C, PT-VW530, PT-VW530N, PT-VW530T, PT-VW530U, PT-VW535, PT-VW535N, PT-VW535T, PT-VW535U, PT-VW540, PT-VW545N, PT-VX600, PT-VX600N, PT-VX600T, PT-VX600U, PT-VX605, PT-VX605N, PT-VX605T, PT-VX605U, PT-VX610, PT-VX615N, PT-VX680, PT-VZ470, PT-VZ570, PT-VZ570N, PT-VZ570T, PT-VZ570U, PT-VZ575, PT-VZ575N, PT-VZ575T, PT-VZ575U, PT-VZ580, PT-VZ585N, PT-BW43, PT-BX50C, PT-BX51C, PT-BX520C, PT-BX521C, PT-BX551C, PT-BX55NC, PT-VW430, PT-VW430EA, PT-VW430U, PT-VW431D, PT-VW431DE, PT-VW431DEA, PT-VW431DU, PT-VW431E, PT-VW431EA, PT-VW431U, PT-VW435N, PT-VW435NE, PT-VW435NEA, PT-VW435NU, PT-VW440E, PT-VW440EA, PT-VW440U, PT-VX45, PT-VX45KEA, PT-VX500, PT-VX500EA, PT-VX500U, PT-VX501, PT-VX501EA, PT-VX505N, PT-VX505NE, PT-VX505NEA, PT-VX505NU, PT-VX510, PT-VX510E, PT-VX510EA, PT-VX510U, PT-LX270, PT-LX270E, PT-LX270EA, PT-LX270U, PT-LX300, PT-LX300E, PT-LX300EA, PT-LX300U, PT-LAB60, PT-LAB60E, PT-LB30, PT-LB30E, PT-LB30NT, PT-LB30NTE, PT-LB30NTEA, PT-LB30NTU, PT-LB30U, PT-LB55, PT-LB55NTE, PT-LB60, PT-LB60NT, PT-LB60NTE, PT-LB60U, PT-P2500, PT-PX660, PT-PX670, PT-PX98, PT-UX75, PT-UX80NT, PT-X660, PT-X670, PT-TW240, PT-LW271, PT-LW271E, PT-LW271U, PT-LW321, PT-LW321E, PT-LW321U, PT-LX271, PT-LX271E, PT-LX271U, PT-LX321, PT-LX321E, PT-LX321U, PT-CW240, PT-CW241R, PT-LM1E, PT-LM1E+, PT-LM1U, PT-LM2, PT-LM2U, PT-M1S11, PT-M1S12, PT-LS26, PT-LS26EA, PT-LS26U, PT-SD2600, PT-SD2600SX, PT-TW330, PT-TW330E, PT-TW330EA, PT-TW330U, PT-TW331R, PT-TW331RE, PT-TW331REA, PT-TW331RU, PT-TX300E, PT-TX300EA, PT-TX300U, PT-TX301R, PT-TX301RE, PT-TX301REA, PT-TX301RU, PT-LB280, PT-LB280U, PT-LB300, PT-LB300U, PT-LB303, PT-LB330, PT-LB330U, PT-LB332, PT-LB332U, PT-LB353, PT-LB353T, PT-LB353U, PT-LB360, PT-LB382, PT-LB383, PT-LB412, PT-LB423, PT-LW280, PT-LW312, PT-LW330, PT-LW333, PT-LW362, PT-LW373, PT-TW250, PT-TW340, PT-TW341R, PT-TW341RU, PT-TW342, PT-TW343R, PT-TW350, PT-TW351R, PT-TW351RA, PT-TX210, PT-TX210U, PT-TX310, PT-TX310U, PT-TX312, PT-TX320, PT-TX320U, PT-TX400, PT-TX400U, PT-TX402, PT-TX410, PT-X2730 STC, PT-X3231STC, PT-X330C, PT-X412C, PT-LX351, PT-LX351E, PT-LX351U, PT-BW10NT, PT-BX10, PT-BX11, PT-BX20, PT-BX20NT, PT-BX21, PT-BX30, PT-BX30NT, PT-LB56, PT-LB56U, PT-LB75, PT-LB75NT, PT-LB75NTE, PT-LB75NTU, PT-LB75U, PT-LB75VEA, PT-LB75VU, PT-LB78, PT-LB78V, PT-LB78VEA, PT-LB78VU, PT-LB80, PT-LB80NT, PT-LB80NTEA, PT-LB80NTU, PT-LB80U, PT-LB90, PT-LB90EA, PT-LB90NT, PT-LB90NTEA, PT-LB90NTU, PT-LB90U, PT-LW80NTE, PT-LW80NTU, PT-X500, PT-X510, PT-X520, PT-X600, PT-X610, PT-BW30, PT-BX40, PT-BX40NT, PT-BX41, PT-VW330, PT-VW330E, PT-VW330EA, PT-VW330U, PT-VX400, PT-VX400E, PT-VX400EA, PT-VX400NT, PT-VX400NTE, PT-VX400NTEA, PT-VX400NTU, PT-VX400U, PT-VX41, PT-VX41E, PT-VX41EA, PT-VX41U, PT-AE4000, PT-AE4000E, PT-AE4000U, PT-LC56, PT-LC56E, PT-LC56U, PT-LC76, PT-LC76E, PT-LC76U, PT-LC80, PT-LC80E, PT-LC80U, PT-LW25H, PT-LW25HEA, PT-LW25HU, PT-LX22, PT-LX26, PT-LX26E, PT-LX26EA, PT-LX26H, PT-LX26HU, PT-LX30H, PT-LX30HEA, PT-LX30HU, PT-U1S66, PT-U1X66, PT-U1X86, PT-UW250, PT-UX220, PT-UX260, PT-UX300, PT-X260, PT-X270, PT-X270C, PT-X300, PT-X301, PT-LC55E, PT-LC55U, PT-LC75E, PT-LC75U, PT-U1S65, PT-U1X65, TH-LC75, PT-CW300E, PT-CW330E, PT-CW331R, PT-CW331RU, PT-CX300, PT-CX301R, PT-CX330, PT-GW35C, PT-56DLX76, PT-61DLX26, PT-61DLX76, PT-AE1000, PT-AE2000, PT-AE2000U, PT-AE3000, PT-AX100, PT-AX100E, PT-AX100U, PT-AX200, PT-AX200E, PT-AX200U, PT-LB50, PT-LB50NTE, PT-LB50NTU, PT-LB50SE, PT-LB50SU, PT-LB50U, PT-LB51, PT-LB51EA, PT-LB51NT, PT-LB51NTEA, PT-LB51SE, PT-LB51SEA, PT-UX70, PT-UX70NT, PT-UX71, PT-UX71NT, PT56DLX76, PT61DLX26, PT61DLX76, PT-AE700, PT-AE700E, PT-AE700U, PT-AE800, PT-AE800E, PT-AE800U, PT-LB10, PT-LB10E, PT-LB10NT, PT-LB10NTE, PT-LB10NTU, PT-LB10NU, PT-LB10S, PT-LB10SE, PT-LB10SU, PT-LB10SVE, PT-LB10SVU, PT-LB10U, PT-LB10V, PT-LB10VE, PT-LB10VU, PT-LB20, PT-LB20E, PT-LB20NT, PT-LB20NTE, PT-LB20NTEA, PT-LB20SU, PT-LB20U, PT-LB20V, PT-LB20VE, PT-LB20VEA, PT-PS650, PT-PS95, PT-PX650, PT-PX95, PT-U1S87, PT-U1X67, PT-U1X68, PT-U1X87, PT-U1X88, PT-40LC12, PT-40LC13, PT-43LC14, PT-43LCX64, PT-44LCX65, PT-45LC12, PT-50LC13, PT-50LC13-K, PT-50LC14, PT-50LCX63, PT-50LCX64, PT-52LCX15, PT-52LCX15B, PT-52LCX16, PT-52LCX16-B, PT-52LCX65, PT-52LCX65-K, PT-52LCX66, PT-56DLX25, PT-56DLX75, PT-56LCX16, PT-56LCX66, PT-60LC13, PT-60LC14, PT-60LCX63, PT-60LCX64, PT-60LCX64C, PT-61DLX25, PT-61DLX75, PT-61LCX16, PT-61LCX65, PT-61LCX66, PT43LC14, PT43LCX64, PT44LCX65, PT50LC13, PT50LC13-K, PT50LC14, PT50LCX63, PT50LCX64, PT52LCX15, PT52LCX15B, PT52LCX16, PT52LCX65, PT52LCX65-K, PT52LCX66, PT56DLX25, PT56DLX75, PT56LCX16, PT56LCX66, PT60LC13, PT60LC14, PT60LCX63, PT60LCX64, PT60LCX64C, PT61DLX25, PT61DLX75, PT61LCX16, PT61LCX65, PT61LCX66, TC-50LC10D, TC-60LC10D, PT-X3020STC, PT-X302C, PT-X323C, PT-AE900, PT-AE900E, PT-AE900U, PT-50DL54J, PT-60DL54J, PT-EW550, PT-EW550L, PT-EW650, PT-EW650A, PT-EW650L, PT-EW650LU, PT-EX520, PT-EX520A, PT-EX520D, PT-EX520E, PT-EX520L, PT-EX520T, PT-EX620, PT-EX620L, PT-EX620T, PT-EZ590, PT-EZ590L, PT-FW530, PT-FW530J, PT-FX500, PT-FX500U, PT-FZ570, PT-FZ570U, PT-SLX64C, PT-SLX64CB, PT-SLX64CL, PT-SLX64CLB, PT-EW540, PT-EW540U, PT-EW640, PT-EW640EL, PT-EW640L, PT-EW640U, PT-EW730Z, PT-EW730ZL, PT-EX510T, PT-EX510U, PT-EX510UL, PT-EX610, PT-EX610U, PT-EX610UL, PT-EX800, PT-EX800T, PT-EX800Z, PT-EX800ZL, PT-EZ580, PT-EZ580L, PT-EZ580U, PT-EZ770, PT-EZ770Z, PT-EZ770ZLU, PT-EZ770ZU, PT-SLW65C, PT-SLX62C, PT-SLZ69C, PT-VW340, PT-VW340U, PT-VW340Z, PT-VW345NU, PT-VW345NZ, PT-VW350, PT-VW355N, PT-VW360, PT-VX410, PT-VX410U, PT-VX410Z, PT-VX415NU, PT-VX415NZ, PT-VX420, PT-VX425N, PT-VX42U, PT-VX42Z, PT-VX430, PT-TW230, PT-TW230EA, PT-TW230REA, PT-TW230U, PT-TW231RE, PT-TW231RU, PT-XW23ST, PT-XW25SR, PT-EW530, PT-EW530E, PT-EW530EL, PT-EW530U, PT-EW530UL, PT-EW630, PT-EW630E, PT-EW630EL, PT-EW630U, PT-EW630UL, PT-EX500, PT-EX500E, PT-EX500EL, PT-EX500U, PT-EX500UL, PT-EX600, PT-EX600E, PT-EX600EL, PT-EX600U, PT-EX600UL, PT-EX630E, PT-EZ570, PT-EZ570E, PT-EZ570EL, PT-EZ570U, PT-EZ570UL, PT-SLW63C, PT-SLW73C, PT-SLX60C, PT-SLX65C, PT-SLX67C, PT-SLX70C, PT-SLX80C, PT-SLX80CL, PT-SLZ66C, PT-SLZ67C, PT-SLZ70C, PT-CW230, PT-CW230E, PT-CW230EA, PT-CW230U, PT-CX200, PT-CX200E, PT-CX200EA, PT-CX200U, PT-GW33C, PT-D5500 , PT-D5500E , PT-D5500U , PT-D5500UL , PT-D5600 , PT-D5600L , PT-D5600U , PT-D5600UL , PT-DW5000 , PT-DW5000L , PT-DW5000U , PT-DW5000UL , PT-FD560, PT-FDW500, PT-L5500 , PT-L5600 , PT-AE7000, PT-AE7000U, PT-AH1000, PT-AH1000E, PT-AR100, PT-AR100U, PT-AT5000, PT-AT5000E, PT-HZ900C, PT-LZ370, PT-LZ370E, PT-AE8000, PT-AE8000EZ, PT-AE8000U, PT-AT6000, PT-AT6000E, PT-D4000, PT-D4000E , PT-D3500 , PT-D3500E , PT-D3500, PT-D3500E, PT-D3500U, PT-FD300, PT-FD350, PT-D10000 , PT-D10000E , PT-D10000U , PT-DW10000 , PT-DW10000E , PT-DW10000U , PT-DW10001 , TH-D10000 , TH-DW10000 , TH-D5500 , TH-D5600 , TH-DW5000 , F100 WIRELESS, PT-BX100NT, PT-BX200NT, PT-BX300, PT-F100NT, PT-F100NTEA, PT-F100NTU, PT-F100U, PT-F200, PT-F200EA, PT-F200NTEA, PT-F200NTU, PT-F200U, PT-F300, PT-F300E, PT-F300EA, PT-F300NTE, PT-F300NTEA, PT-F300NTU, PT-F300U, PT-F400, PT-F430, PT-FW100NT, PT-FW100NTEA, PT-FW100NTU, PT-FW300, PT-FW300E, PT-FW300NT, PT-FW300NTEA, PT-FW300U, PT-FW430, PT-FW430E, PT-FW430EA, PT-FW430U, PT-FX400, PT-FX400E, PT-FX400EA, PT-FX400U, PT-PW880NT, PT-PX760, PT-PX770, PT-PX770NT, PT-PX860, PT-PX870NE, PT-PX880NT, PT-PX960, PT-PX970, PT-PX980NT, PT-LB1, PT-LB1E, PT-LB1U, PT-LB1V, PT-LB2, PT-LB2E, PT-LB2U, PT-LB2VEA, PT-LB3, PT-LB3E, PT-LB3EA, PT-LB3U, PT-ST10, PT-ST10U, PT-UX10, PT-UX11, PT-UX20, PT-UX21, PT-UX30, PT-UX32C, PT-X20, PT-X20ST, PT-X20ST S1, PT-X20STS1, PT-X21, PT-X22, PT-X2800STC, PT-X2801STC, PT-X30, PT-X3000STC, PT-X3001STC, PT-X3100SRC, PT-X320C, PT-X321C, PT-X350C, PT-EX12KE, PT-EX12KU, PT-SLX12KC, PT-D10000, PT-D10000C, PT-D10000E, PT-D10000U, PT-DW10000, PT-DW10000C, PT-DW10000E, PT-DW10000U, PT-DW10001, TH-D10000, TH-DW10000, PT-DS12K , PT-DS12KE , PT-DS12KU , PT-DW11K , PT-DW11KE , PT-DW11KU , PT-DZ10K , PT-DZ10KE , PT-DZ10KU , PT-DZ13K , PT-DZ13KE , PT-DZ13KU , PT-DS100X , PT-DS100XE , PT-DS8500 , PT-DS8500U , PT-DW8300 , PT-DW8300EK , PT-DW8300U , PT-DW90X , PT-DW90XE , PT-DZ110X , PT-DZ110XE , PT-DZ8700 , PT-DZ8700U , PT-SDW930 , PT-SDZ980 , PT-FD400 , PT-FD400, PT-DW750 , PT-DW750E , PT-DW750J , PT-DW750U , PT-DX820 , PT-DX820E , PT-DX820J , PT-DX820U , PT-DZ780 , PT-DZ780E , PT-DZ780J , PT-DZ780U , PT-FDX92C , PT-D12000, PT-D12000C, PT-D12000U, PT-DW100, PT-DW100C, PT-DW100U, PT-DZ12000, PT-DZ12000C, PT-DZ12000U, PT-D5000, PT-D5000ES, PT-D5000U, PT-D5000UK, PT-D6000, PT-D6000ELK, PT-D6000ELS, PT-D6000ES, PT-D6000LS, PT-D6000S, PT-D6000U, PT-D6000ULS, PT-D6000US, PT-D6710, PT-DW530, PT-DW530E, PT-DW530U, PT-DW6300, PT-DW6300ELS, PT-DW6300ES, PT-DW6300LS, PT-DW6300S, PT-DW6300U, PT-DW6300UK, PT-DW6300ULK, PT-DW6300ULS, PT-DW6300US, PT-DW640, PT-DW640E, PT-DW640EK, PT-DW640L, PT-DW640U, PT-DW640UK, PT-DW640UL, PT-DW640ULK, PT-DW730, PT-DW730E, PT-DW730EL, PT-DW730U, PT-DW730UK, PT-DW730UL, PT-DW730ULK, PT-DW730ULS, PT-DW730US, PT-DW740, PT-DW740S, PT-DW740U, PT-DW740UK, PT-DW740UL, PT-DW740ULK, PT-DW740ULS, PT-DW740US, PT-DX500, PT-DX500E, PT-DX500U, PT-DX610, PT-DX610E, PT-DX610ELK, PT-DX610L, PT-DX610U, PT-DX610UL, PT-DX800, PT-DX800E, PT-DX800EL, PT-DX800S, PT-DX800U, PT-DX800UK, PT-DX800ULS, PT-DX810, PT-DX810K, PT-DX810S, PT-DX810U, PT-DX810UK, PT-DX810UL, PT-DX810ULK, PT-DX810ULS, PT-DX810US, PT-DZ570, PT-DZ570E, PT-DZ570U, PT-DZ6700, PT-DZ6700E, PT-DZ6700EL, PT-DZ6700L, PT-DZ6700U, PT-DZ6700UK, PT-DZ6700UL, PT-DZ6710, PT-DZ6710E, PT-DZ6710EL, PT-DZ6710L, PT-DZ6710U, PT-DZ6710UL, PT-DZ680, PT-DZ680L, PT-DZ680U, PT-DZ770, PT-DZ770K, PT-DZ770LK, PT-DZ770U, PT-DZ770UK, PT-DZ770UL, PT-DZ770ULK, PT-DZ770ULS, PT-DZ770US, PT-FD550, PT-FD600, PT-FD600L, PT-FD605, PT-FD605L, PT-FD670, PT-FDW43, PT-FDW630, PT-FDW635, PT-FDW635L, PT-FDW83, PT-FDW83L, PT-FDW84CK, PT-FDW84CKL, PT-FDX40, PT-FDX81C, PT-FDX81CL, PT-FDX90, PT-FDX90L, PT-FDX91CK, PT-FDX91CKL, PT-FDZ47, PT-FDZ670, PT-FDZ675C, PT-FDZ675CL, PT-FDZ675L, PT-FDZ680, PT-FDZ685, PT-FDZ685L, PT-FDZ87, PT-FDZ87CK, PT-FDZ87CKL, PT-D12000 , PT-DW100 , PT-DW100C , PT-DW100U , PT-DZ12000 , PT-FD500 , PT-D7700 , PT-DW7000 , PT-DW7000EK , PT-L7700 , PT-LW7700 , TH-D7700-K , TH-DW7000-K , PT-D7500 , PT-D7500E , PT-D7500E-K , PT-D7500U , PT-D7500U-K , PT-D7600 , PT-D7600U , PT-D7600UE , PT-D7700C-K , PT-DW7000EK , PT-DW7700K , PT-DW7700L , PT-DW7700L , PT-L7700 , PT-LW7700 , PT-EX16K, PT-EX16KE, PT-EX16KU, PT-EXK16K, PT-SLX16K, PT-D7000, PT-D7700, PT-D7700E, PT-D7700EK, PT-D7700U, PT-D7700UE, PT-D7700UL, PT-D7700ULW, PT-D7700UW, PT-DW7000, PT-DW7000C-K, PT-DW7000E, PT-DW7000EK, PT-L7700, PT-LW7700, TH-D7700-K, PT-D7500, PT-D7500E, PT-D7500E-K, PT-D7500U, PT-D7500U-K, PT-D7600, PT-D7600U, PT-D7600UE, PT-D7700U-K, PT-D7700C-K, PT-DW7700K, PT-DW7700L, PT-DW830 , PT-DW830EK , PT-DW830ELK , PT-DW830K , PT-DW830L , PT-DW830LK , PT-DW830LW , PT-DW830W , PT-DX100 , PT-DX100K , PT-DX100L , PT-DX100LK , PT-DX100LW , PT-DX100W , PT-DZ870 , PT-DZ870K , PT-DZ870L , PT-DZ870LK , PT-DZ870LW , PT-DZ870W , PT-D5100, PT-D5700, PT-D5700E, PT-D5700L, PT-D5700U, PT-D5700UL, PT-DF5700, PT-DW5100, PT-DW5100EL, PT-DW5100L, PT-DW5100U, PT-DW5100UL, PT-DW5700E, PT-FD570, PT-DZ110 , PT-SDS950 , PT-SDZ981C, PT-DZ10K , PT-FD605CB , PT-D5000 , PT-D5000ES , PT-D5000U , PT-D5000UK , PT-D6000 , PT-D6000ELK , PT-D6000ELS , PT-D6000ES , PT-D6000LS , PT-D6000S , PT-D6000U , PT-D6000ULS , PT-D6000US , PT-D6710 , PT-DW530 , PT-DW530E , PT-DW530U , PT-DW6300 , PT-DW6300ELS , PT-DW6300ES , PT-DW6300LS , PT-DW6300S , PT-DW6300U , PT-DW6300UK , PT-DW6300ULK , PT-DW6300ULS , PT-DW6300US , PT-DW640 , PT-DW640EK , PT-DW640U , PT-DW640UK , PT-DW640UL , PT-DW640ULK , PT-DW730 , PT-DW730E , PT-DW730EL , PT-DW730U , PT-DW730UK , PT-DW730UL , PT-DW730ULK , PT-DW730ULS , PT-DW730US , PT-DW740 , PT-DW740S , PT-DW740U , PT-DW740UK , PT-DW740UL , PT-DW740ULK , PT-DW740ULS , PT-DW740US , PT-DX500 , PT-DX500E , PT-DX500U , PT-DX610 , PT-DX610E , PT-DX610ELK , PT-DX610L , PT-DX610U , PT-DX610UL , PT-DX800 , PT-DX800E , PT-DX800EL , PT-DX800S , PT-DX800U , PT-DX800UK , PT-DX800ULS , PT-DX810 , PT-DX810K , PT-DX810S , PT-DX810U , PT-DX810UK , PT-DX810UL , PT-DX810ULK , PT-DX810ULS , PT-DX810US , PT-DZ570 , PT-DZ570E , PT-DZ570U , PT-DZ6700 , PT-DZ6700E , PT-DZ6700EL , PT-DZ6700L , PT-DZ6700U , PT-DZ6700UK , PT-DZ6700UL , PT-DZ6710 , PT-DZ6710E , PT-DZ6710EL , PT-DZ6710L , PT-DZ6710U , PT-DZ6710UL , PT-DZ680 , PT-DZ680L , PT-DZ680U , PT-DZ770 , PT-DZ770K , PT-DZ770LK , PT-DZ770U , PT-DZ770UK , PT-DZ770UL , PT-DZ770ULK , PT-DZ770ULS , PT-DZ770US , PT-FDW630 , PT-FDZ675C , PT-FDZ675CL , PT-FDZ680 , PT-FDX110C , PT-FDZ97C , DLA-G10, DLA-S10, DPSX1, G1000, Image Pro 9000, Image Pro 9000D, Image Pro 9001, PT-AE100, PT-AE100E, PT-AE100U, PT-AE200, PT-AE200E, PT-AE200U, PT-AE300, PT-AE300E, PT-AE300U, PT-D9500U, PT-D9600U, PT-D995, PT-DS20, PT-DS20 , PT-DS20K, PT-DS20K , PT-DZ21KU, PT-DZ21KU , PT-E1AW10, PT-L1701, PT-L1711, PT-L200, PT-L200U, PT-L300, PT-L300U, PT-L390U, PT-L392, PT-L5, PT-L501, PT-L501E, PT-L501X, PT-L501XU, PT-L511, PT-L511E, PT-L511X, PT-L511XU, PT-L512E, PT-L555U, PT-L556U, PT-L592U, PT-L595E, PT-L595EA, PT-L595U, PT-L597 , PT-L597E , PT-L597EA , PT-L597L , PT-L6500 , PT-L6510 , PT-L6600 , PT-L701, PT-L701E, PT-L701X, PT-L701XU, PT-L702, PT-L702U, PT-L711, PT-L711E, PT-L711U, PT-L711X, PT-L711XU, PT-L712E, PT-L750, PT-L750E, PT-L750U, PT-L758U, PT-L780, PT-L780E, PT-L780NT, PT-L780NTE, PT-L780NTU, PT-L780U, PT-L785, PT-L785E, PT-L785U, PT-L795U, PT-L797EA , PT-L797P , PT-L797PE , PT-L797PEL , PT-L797PXA , PT-L797PXAL , PT-L797V , PT-L797VE , PT-L797VXA , PT-LP1X100, PT-LP1X200NT, PT-P1X100, PT-P1X200, PT-P1X300, PT-PX750, PT-SDS20KC, PT-SDS20KC , PT-SDW17KC, PT-SDW17KC , PT-SDZ21KC, PT-SDZ21KC , PT-U1S80, PT-U1S90, PT-U1X200NT, PT-U1X80, PT-U1X90, TH-L502, ​ Lamp Model available: ET-LAD57, ET-LAV400, ET-LAV200, ET-LAL320, ET-LAB30, ET-LAL331, ET-LAL330, ET-LAC200, ET-LAM1-C, ET-LAL200, ET-LAL341, ET-LAL500, ET-LAL340, ET-LAB80, ET-LAV100, ET-LAE4000, ET-LAC80, ET-LAL100, ET-LAC75, ET-LAC300, TY-LA2006, ET-LAE1000, ET-LAX100, ET-LAB50, ET-LAE700, ET-LAB10, TY-LA1500, TY-LA1000, TY-LA1001, TY-LA2005, TY-LA10, ET-LAL400C, ET-LAE900, TY-LA2004, ET-LAEF100, ET-LAE300, ET-LAV300, 610 349 0847, ET-LAE200, ET-LAC100, ET-LAD55, ET-LAA310, ET-LAA110, ET-LAA410, ET-LAD40, ET-LAD35L, ET-LAD35, ET-LAD10000, ET-LAD55L, ET-LAF100, ET-LAB2, , ET-LAD10000F, ET-LAD310A, ET-LAD310, ET-LAD40W, ET-LAD70A, ET-LAD70W, ET-LAD12KF, ET-LAD60A, ET-LAD12K, ET-LAD55W, ET-LAD7700, ET-LAD55LW, ET-LAD7500, ET-LAD7700L, ET-LAE16, ET-LAD7700W, ET-LAD7500W, ET-LAD7700LW, ET-LAD120, ET-LAD57W, ET-LAD310W, ET-LAD310AW, ET-LAD70AW, ET-LAD60AW, ET-LAD120W, ET-LA995, ET-LAE100, ET-LAD9500, ET-LAD510, ET-LAD510F, ET-LA701, ET-LA390, ET-LA555, ET-LA556, ET-LA592, ET-LA095, ET-LA097N, ET-LA6510, ET-LA780, ET-LA058, ET-LA785, ET-LAP750

Sanyo Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector Model: Sanyo XT16, XM150, XU350A, XD2200, XW200, XU106, PLC-XW20A, XU101, PLC-XU75, PLC-XW200, PLC-XP100L, PLC-XF71, XU105, PLU-XU75, XU300, PDG-DXL100, PLC-XM150, PLC-XU106, PLC-SU30, PLC-XU305A, PDG-DSU30, PLC-XM1500C, PLC-XU300, PLC-XM100, XM100,  PLC-XU350A,  PLC-XU116, PDG-DSU30, PDG-DSU3000C, PLC-XF20, PLC-XF20E, PLC-XF21, PLC-XF21E, PDG-DWL100, PDG-DXL100, PDG-DXL1000C, PDG-DXL100W, PLC-WK2500, PLC-XD2200, PLC-XD2600, PLC-XD2600C, PLC-XE34, PLC-XK2200, PLC-XK2600, PLC-XK2600C, PLC-XK3010, PLC-XR2600C, PLC-XR2610C, LP-XU4000, PLC-XU4000, PLC-XU4010C, PLC-XU4050C, LP-XC55, LP-XC55W, LP-XC56, PDG-DSU20, PDG-DSU2000C, PDG-DSU20B, PDG-DSU21, PLC-200, PLC-XC50, PLC-XC55, PLC-XC550C, PLC-XC56, PLC-XC560C, PLC-XC570C, PLC-XE33, PLC-XR201, PLC-XR251, PLC-XR271C, PLC-XR301C, PLC-XW200, PLC-XW200K, PLC-XW250, PLC-XW250K, PLC-XW270C, PLC-XW300, PLC-XW300C, PLC-WX410E, PLC-WXU10, PLC-WXU1000C, PLC-WXU10B, PLC-WXU10N, PLC-XE30, PLC-XU2010C, PLC-XU70, LP-XU88, LP-XU88W, PLC-SU70, PLC-WXL46, PLC-WXL46A, PLC-XE32, PLC-XE40, PLC-XE45, PLC-XL40, PLC-XL40L, PLC-XL40S, PLC-XL45, PLC-XL450C, PLC-XL45S, PLC-XU2530C, PLC-XU73, PLC-XU74, PLC-XU75, PLC-XU76, PLC-XU78, PLC-XU83, PLC-XU84, PLC-XU8500CA, PLC-XU86, PLC-XU87, PLC-XU88, PLC-XU8800C, PLC-XU8850C, PLC-XU8860C, PLC-XU8860CA, PLC-XU88W, PLC-XU9000C, PLC-XU9000CA, PLC-XU9010C, PLC-XU9600C, PLC-XW50, PLC-XW55, PLC-XW55A, PLC-XW56, PLC-XW6000C, PLC-XW6000CA, PLC-XW6060C, PLC-XW6060CA, PLC-XW6080CA, PLC-XW6600C, PLC-XW6600CA, PLC-XW6680C, PRM10, PRM20, PLC-SU07, PLC-SU07E, PLC-SU07EA, PLC-SU07N, PLC-SU10, PLC-SU10E, PLC-SU10N, PLC-SU15, PLC-SU15E, PLV-Z4000, PLV-Z8000, PLC-XWU30, PLC-Z800, PLV-Z2000, PLV-Z2000C, PLV-Z3000, PLV-Z4, PLV-Z5, PLV-Z60, PLV-Z700, PLC-WU3001, PLC-XU4001, PLC-5600E, PLC-5600N, PLC-5605, PLC-560E, PLC-8800N, PLC-8805, PLC-8810N, PLC-8815N, PLC-XR70E, PLC-XR70N, PLC-XU07, PLC-XU07N, PLC-XU10, PLC-XU10E, PLC-XU10N, PLC-WXU300, PLC-WXU300A, PLC-WXU300K, PLC-XU300, PLC-XU300A, PLC-XU300C, PLC-XU300K, PLC-XU301, PLC-XU305, PLC-XU305A, PLC-XU305C, PLC-XU305K, PLC-XU310C, PLC-XU350, PLC-XU350A, PLC-XU350C, PLC-XU350K, PLC-XU351C, PLC-XU355, PLC-XU355A, PLC-XU355K, PLC-XU45, PLC-XW1100C, PLC-XW65, PLC-XW6605C, PLC-XW6685C, PLC-XW7000C, PLC-XWU300, PLC-XU46, PLC-SE15, PLC-SL15, PLC-SU2000, PLC-SU25, PLC-SU40, PLC-XU36, PLC-XU40, ML-5500, PLC-EF60, PLC-EF60A, PLC-XF60, PLC-XF600CA, PLC-XF60A, PLC-XP5600C, PLC-XP57, PLC-XP5700, PLC-XP5700C, PLC-XP5700CL, PLC-XP57L, PLC-XT20, PLC-XT2000C, PLC-XT20L, PLC-XT21, PLC-XT21L, PLC-XT25, PLC-XT2500C, PLC-XT25L, LP-XW60, LP-XW60W, PLC-XW1000C, PLC-XW1010C, PLC-XW60, LP-HD2000, LP-XF46, PLC-XF4200C, PLC-XF46, PLC-XF4600, PLC-XF4600C, PLC-XF46E, PLC-XF46N, PLV-HD2000, PDG-DWT50L, PDG-DXT1000CL, PDG-DXT10L, PLC-XU4000C, PLC-XU41, PLV-WF10, PLC-SU20, PLC-SU208C, PLC-SU20B, PLC-SU20E, PLC-SU20N, PLC-SU22, PLC-SU22B, PLC-SU22E, PLC-SU22N, PLC-XU20, PLC-XU20B, PLC-XU20E, PLC-XU20N, PLC-XU21N, PLC-XU22, PLC-XU22B, PLC-XU22E, PLC-XU22N, PLV-HD150, PLC-WL2501, PLC-SU30, PLC-SU31, PLC-SU32, PLC-SU33, PLC-SU35, PLC-SU37, PLC-SU38, PLC-XU30, PLC-XU31, PLC-XU32, PLC-XU33, PLC-XU35, PLC-XU37, PLC-XU38, PLC-MW4500, PLC-WM4500, PLC-WM4500L, PLC-XM100, PLC-XM1000C, PLC-XM1000CL, PLC-XM100L, PLC-XM80L, XM1000C, PLC-WL2500, PLC-WL2500C, PLC-WL2500S, PLC-WL2503, PLC-WL2503A, PLC-WL2503C, WL2503, PLC-SL20, PLC-SU50, PLC-SU50S, PLC-SU51, PLC-SU55, PLC-XE20, PLC-XL20, PLC-XT15KS, PLC-XT15KU, PLC-XU2000, PLC-XU25, PLC-XU2510, PLC-XU25A, PLC-XU3000, PLC-XU47, PLC-XU48, PLC-XU50, PLC-XU50A, PLC-XU51, PLC-XU55, PLC-XU55A, PLC-XU56, PLC-XU58, LP-UF15, LP-XF40, LP-XF41, LP-XF42, LP-XF45, PLC-SE10, PLC-SF45, PLC-UF10, PLC-UF15, PLC-XF35, PLC-XF35N, PLC-XF35NL, PLC-XF40, PLC-XF40L, PLC-XF41, PLC-XF42, PLC-XF45, PLC-XF4500C, PLC-EF30, PLC-EF30E, PLC-EF30L, PLC-EF30N, PLC-EF30NL, PLC-EF31, PLC-EF31L, PLC-EF31N, PLC-EF31NL, PLC-EF32, PLC-EF32L, PLC-EF32N, PLC-EF32NL, PLC-XE50A, PLC-XF30, PLC-XF30L, PLC-XF30N, PLC-XF30NL, PLC-XF31, PLC-XF31L, PLC-XF31N, PLC-XF31NL, PLC-XL50A, PLC-XP40, PLC-XP40E, PLC-XP40L, PLC-XP42, PLC-XP45, PLC-XP45L, PLV-70, PLV-70/8, PLV-70L, PLV-75, PLV-75L, PLV-HD10, PLV-HD100, PLC-WM5500, PLC-WM5500L, PLC-XM150, PLC-XM1500C, PLC-XM1500CL, PLC-XM150L, PLC-ZM5000, PLC-ZM5000CL, PLC-ZM5000L, WM5500, XM150, XM1500, XM1500C, XM150L, PLC-XU100, PLC-XU110, DWL2500, DXL2000, PDG-DWL2500, PDG-DXL2000, PDG-DXL2000E, PDG-DET100L, PDG-DHT1000CL, PDG-DHT1000CWL, PDG-DHT100L, PDG-DHT100WL, PLC-WU3800, PLC-WXU30, PLC-WXU3ST, PLC-WXU700, PLC-WXU700A, PLC-XE50, PLC-XK450, PLC-XK460, PLC-XL50, PLC-XL500C, PLC-XL51, PLC-XL510AC, PLC-XL510C, PLC-XU1000C, PLC-XU101, PLC-XU101K, PLC-XU105, PLC-XU1050C, PLC-XU106, PLC-XU1060C, PLC-XU106K, PLC-XU1100C, PLC-XU111, PLC-XU115, PLC-XU1150C, PLC-XU115W, PLC-XU116, PLC-XU1160C, LP-XF1000, LP-XF47, LP-XF70, LP-XF71, LP-XP200L, PLC-ET30L, PLC-WF20, PLC-WTC500AL, PLC-WTC500L, PLC-WTC50L, PLC-XF1000, PLC-XF47, PLC-XF4700C, PLC-XF47K, PLC-XF47W, PLC-XF70, PLC-XF700C, PLC-XF71, PLC-XF710C, PLC-XP100, PLC-XP1000CL, PLC-XP100K, PLC-XP100L, PLC-XP200, PLC-XP2000CL, PLC-XP200L, PLC-XT2100C, PLC-XT35, PLC-XT3500, PLC-XT3500C, PLC-XT3500CL, PLC-XT35L, PLC-XTC50L, PLC-XTC55L, PLV-WF20, XT3500, PLC-XP17, PLC-XP17E, PLC-XP17N, PLC-XP18, PLC-XP18E, PLC-XP18N, PLC-XP20, PLC-XP208C, PLC-XP20N, PLC-XP21, PLC-XP218C, PLC-XP21E, PLC-XP21N, PDG-DHT8000, PDG-DHT8000CL, PDG-DHT8000L, PLC-XP30, PLC-XP308C, PLC-XP35, PLV-60, PLV-60HT, PLV-60N, PLC-XP41, PLC-XP41L, PLC-XP46, PLC-XP4600C, PLC-XP46L, PLC-XP50, PLC-XP50L, PLC-XP55, PLC-XP55L, PLC-3600, PLC-SC10, PLC-SU60, PLC-XC10, PLC-XC10S, PLC-XC3600, PLC-XP51, PLC-XP5100, PLC-XP5100C, PLC-XP51L, PLC-XP56, PLC-XP5600, PLC-XP56L, PLC-XU60, PLV-80, PLV-80L, XP5100, XP5600, PLC-HF15000L, PLC-HP7000L, PLC-XE31, PLC-HF10000L, Chassis XT1500, PLC-20, PLC-SE20, PLC-SE20A, PLC-SP20N, PLC-SW10, PLC-SW15, PLC-SW15C, PLC-SW20, PLC-SW20A, PLC-SW20AR, PLC-SW30, PLC-SW30C, PLC-SW35C, PLC-XP07E, PLC-XP07N, PLC-XP10A, PLC-XP10BA, PLC-XP10CA, PLC-XP10EA, PLC-XP10NA, PLC-XT10, PLC-XT10A, PLC-XT11, PLC-XT15, PLC-XT1500, PLC-XT15A, PLC-XT15KA, PLC-XT16, PLC-XT3000, PLC-XT3200, PLC-XT3800, PLC-XW10, PLC-XW15, PLC-XW15N, PLC-XW20, PLC-XW20A, PLC-XW20AR, PLC-XW20B, PLC-XW20E, PLC-XW20U, PLC-XW57, PLV-30, PLV-Z1, PLV-Z1BL, PLV-Z1C, PLV-Z1X, PLV-Z2, PLV-Z3, XT1500  Lamp Model: CHSP8CS01GC01, 610 284 4627, 610 346 4633, 610 349 7518, 610 352 7949, 610 339 8600, 610 337 1764, 610 345 2456, 610 336 0362, 610 323 0719, 610 334 9565, 610 323 0726, 610 332 3855, 610 330 4564, 610 340 8569, 610 287 5379, 610 344 5120, 610 336 5404, 610 323 5998, 610 357 6336, 610 265 8828, 610 278 3896, 610 343 2069, 610 304 5214, 610 341 7493, 610 305 8801, 610 303 5826, 610 328 7362, 610 315 7689, 610 330 7329, 610 339 1700, 610 327 4928, 610 335 8406, 610 315 5647, 610 309 3802, 610 280 6939, 610 323 5394, 610 350 2892, 610 293 2751, 610 347 5158, 610 349 0847, 610 307 7925, 610 309 2706, 610 300 0862, 610 292 4831, 610 301 0144, 610 301 6047, 610 292 4848, 610 347 8791, 610 293 5868, 610 305 1130, 610 346 9607, 610 331 6345, 610 351 3744, 610 343 5336, 610 333 9740, 610 337 9937, 610 341 9497, 610 334 6267, 610 337 0262, 610 341 1941, 610 335 8093, 610 342 2626, 610 334 2788, 610 282 2755, 610 350 6814, 610 285 4824, 610 297 3891, 610 306 5977, 610 308 1786, 610 314 9127, 610 325 2957, 610 350 9051, 610 357 0464, 610 328 6549, 610 351 5939, 610 301 7167, 610 293 8210, 610 311 0486, 610 279 5417, 610 289 8422, 610 295 5712, 610 308 3117, 610 305 5602, 610 300 7267, 610 340 0341, 610 287 5386, 610 302 5933, 610 317 5355, 610 309 7589

Sharp Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Sharp PG-ST90X, PG-LX2000, LX2000, PG-D40W3D, XR-40X, XR-32S, ST90X, XV-Z17000, PT-ST90X, DT-100, DT-500, XV-Z100, XV-Z3000, XV-Z3000U

Sony Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector Model: Sony VPL-FX37, BW120S, FX37, EX255, VPL-CX275, VPL-DX131, VPL-EW295, VPL-CX276, EX295, VPL-EX100, VPL-EX130, VPL-DX122, VPL-SX125, VPL-EX4, VPL-DX147, DX100, EX230, VPL-DX240, VPL-DW120, VPL-CH370, VPL-EX340, EX246, Hw40, VPL-HW10, VPL-DX220, VPL-HW55ES, VPL-EX242, VPL-EW246, VPL-CW275, EX130, VPL-EX130, SW620, SW620C, SW630, SW630C, SW630CM, SW631CM, SW631M, SX630M, SX631M, VPL-SW620, VPL-SW620C, VPL-SW630, VPL-SW630C, VPL-SW630CM, VPL-SW631, VPL-SW631C, VPL-SW631CM, VPL-SW631M, VPL-SW635C, VPL-SW636C, VPL-SX630M, VPL-SX631, VPL-SX631M, BW7, ES7, EX7, EX7+, EX70, VPL-BW7, VPL-DW240, VPL-DX220, VPL-DX240, VPL-DX270, VPL-ES7, VPL-ES7X, VPL-EW7, VPL-EX7, VPL-EX7+, VPL-EX70, VPL-TX7, VPL-TX70, EW130, EX100, EX120, EX145, EX175, VPL-BW120S, VPL-EW130, VPL-EX100, VPL-EX101, VPL-EX120, VPL-EX121, VPL-EX123, VPL-EX145, VPL-EX146, VPL-EX147, VPL-EX148, VPL-EX175, VPL-EX176, VPL-EX178, VPL-SW125, VPL-SX125, VPL-VW285ES, VPL-VW295ES, VPL-VW320ES, VPL-VW365ES, VPL-VW385ES, VPL-DW120, VPL-DW125, VPL-DW126, VPL-DX100, VPL-DX102, VPL-DX120, VPL-DX122, VPL-DX125, VPL-DX140, VPL-DX142, VPL-DX145, VPL-DX146, VPL-DX147, VPL-EW225, VPL-EW226, VPL-EW245, VPL-EW246, VPL-EW255, VPL-EW275, VPL-EW276, VPL-EW295, VPL-EX221, VPL-EX222, VPL-EX225, VPL-EX226, VPL-EX230, VPL-EX235, VPL-EX241, VPL-EX242, VPL-EX245, VPL-EX246, VPL-EX250, VPL-EX253, VPL-EX255, VPL-EX271, VPL-EX272, VPL-EX273, VPL-EX274, VPL-EX275, VPL-EX276, VPL-EX281, VPL-EX282, VPL-EX283, VPL-EX290, VPL-EX295, VPL-F535H, VPL-F635H, VPL-SW525, VPL-SW525C, VPL-SW526C, VPL-SW535, VPL-SW535C, VPL-SW535EBPAC, VPL-SW536, VPL-SW536C, VPL-SX235, VPL-SX236, VPL-SX535, VPL-SX535EBPAC, VPL-SX536, VPL-VW300ES, VPL-CW255, VPL-CW256, VPL-CW258, VPL-CW259, VPL-CX235, VPL-CX236, VPL-CX238, VPL-CX239, VPLCW258, CX729, VPL-CW275, VPL-CW276, VPL-CW279, VPL-CX275, VPL-CX276, VPL-CX278, VPL-CX279, VPL-EX278, AW10, AW10S, AW15, AW15KT, AW15S, VPL-AW10, VPL-AW10S, VPL-AW15, VPL-AW15KT, VPL-AW15S, CW125, CX100, CX120, CX125, CX130, CX131, CX135, CX150, CX155, CX161, CX165, VPL-CW125, VPL-CX100, VPL-CX120, VPL-CX125, VPL-CX130, VPL-CX131, VPL-CX135, VPL-CX150, VPL-CX155, VPL-CX160, VPL-CX161, VPL-CX165, ES5, EW5, EX5, EX50, VPL-BW5, VPL-ES5, VPL-EW5, VPL-EX5, VPL-EX50, HS50, HS51, HS60, VPL-HS50, VPL-HS51, VPL-HS51A, VPL-HS60, HS10, HS20, VPL-HS10, VPL-HS20, CX61, CX63, CX80, CX85, CX86, VPL-CX61, VPL-CX63, VPL-CX80, VPL-CX85, VPL-CX86, CS5, CS6, CX5, CX6, EX1, VPL-CS5, VPL-CS6, VPL-CX5, VPL-CX6, VPL-EX1, KDF-42WE655, KDF-50WE655, KDF-60XBR950, KDF-70XBR950, KF-42SX300, KF-42SX300U, KF-42W201A, KF-42WE610, KF-42WE620, KF-50SX300, KF-50W610, KF-50WE610, KF-50WE620, KF-60SX300, KF-60WE610, KF-WE42, KF-WE42A1, KF-WE50, KF-WE50A1, KF-WE50S1, BRAVIA VPL-VW40, BRAVIA VPL-VW40 1080p, BRAVIA VPL-VW50 1080p, BRAVIA VPL-VW60, BRAVIA VPL-VW60 SXRD, KDS-60R200A, KDS-R50XBR1, KDS-R60XBR1, KS-60R200A, SXRD, SXRD XL5100, VPL-VW40, VPL-VW50, VPL-VW50 SXRD, VPL-VW60, VW40, VW50, VW60, KDF-42E2000, KDF-46E2000, KDF-46E2010, KDF-50E2000, KDF-50E2010, KDF-55E2000, KDF-55E2010, KDF-E42A10, KDF-E42A11, KDF-E42A11E, KDF-E50A10, KDF-E50A11, KDF-E50A11E, KDF-E50A12U, KDS-50A2000, KDS-50A2010, KDS-50A2020, KDS-50A3000, KDS-55A2000, KDS-55A2020, KDS-55A3000, KDS-60A2000, KDS-60A2020, KDS-60A3000, KF-42E200A, KF-42E201A, KF-50E200A, KF-50E201A, KF-55E200A, KF-E42A10, KF-E42A11, KF-E50A10, SXRD XL5200, KF-40SX200, KF-42SX100, KF-42SX200, KF-50SX100, KF-50SX200, KF-50XBR800, KF-60DX100, KF-60XBR800, KP-50XBR800, KP-XR43TW1, CS3, CS4, CX2, CX3, CX4, VPL-CS3, VPL-CS4, VPL-CX2, VPL-CX3, VPL-CX4, BRAVIA VPL-HW10 1080p SXRD, BRAVIA VPL-HW15 1080p SXRD, BRAVIA VPL-HW20A SXRD 1080p, BRAVIA VPL-VW70 1080p SXRD, BRAVIA VPL-VW80 SXRD, BRAVIA VPL-VW90 SXRD, BRAVIA VPL-VW90ES SXRD 3D, BRAVIA VPL-VWPRO1 1080p, GH10, HW10, HW15, HW20, HW20A, HW30ES, HW40ES, HW50, HW50ES, HW55, HW55ES, HW55ES-B, HW55ES-W, VPL-GH10, VPL-HW10, VPL-HW15, VPL-HW20, VPL-HW20 1080p SXRD, VPL-HW20A, VPL-HW30, VPL-HW30ES, VPL-HW30ES SXRD, VPL-HW40, VPL-HW40ES, VPL-HW45, VPL-HW45ES, VPL-HW50ES, VPL-HW65, VPL-HW65ES, VPL-VW65ES, VPL-VW70, VPL-VW80, VPL-VW85, VPL-VW90, VPL-VW90ES, VPL-VW95ES, VPL-VWPRO1, VW80, VW85, VPD-MX10, VPL-MX10, HS1, VPL-HS1, KDF-55WF655, KDF-55XS955, KDF-60WF655, KDF-60XS955, KDF-E55A20, KDF-E60A20, KDF-WF655, VPL-DX10, VPL-DX11, VPL-DX15, CS21, CX21, VPL-CS21, VPL-CX21, VPL-F700HL, VPL-F700XL, VPL-FH500L, VPL-FX500L, CX70, CX71, CX75, CX76, VPL-CX70, VPL-CX71, VPL-CX75, VPL-CX76, VPL-F400X, VPL-FX30, VPL-VW500ES, VPL-VW600ES, FE40, FE40L, FW41L, FX40, FX40L, VPL-FE40, VPL-FE40L, VPL-FH300, VPL-FH300L, VPL-FW300, VPL-FW300L, VPL-FW41, VPL-FW41L, VPL-FX40, VPL-FX40L, VPL-FX41, VPL-FX41L, VPL-CH370, VPL-CH373, VPL-CH375, VPL-CH378, VPL-CH350, VPL-CH353, VPL-CH355, VPL-CH358, PS10, PX10, PX11, PX15, VPL-PS10, VPL-PX10, VPL-PX11, VPL-PX15, VPL-VW520ES, VPL-VW550ES, VPL-VW570ES, VPL-VW665ES, VPL-VW675ES, ES2, EX2, VPL-ES2, VPL-EX2, PX21, PX31, PX32, VPL-PX21, VPL-PX31, VPL-PX32, VPL-VW11, VPL-VW11HT, VPL-VW12HT, VW11, VW11HT, VW12HT, PX20, PX30, S50M, S50U, VPL-PX20, VPL-PX30, VPL-S50M, VPL-S50U, VPL-VW10HT, VW10HT, FX50, VPL-FX50, VPL-F400H, VPL-F401H, VPL-F500X, VPL-FH30, VPL-FH31, VPL-FX35, CS7, DS100, DS1000, ES1, VPL-CS7, VPL-DS100, VPL-DS1000, VPL-ES1, VPL-F500H, VPL-F501H, VPL-F600X, VPL-FH35, VPL-FH36, VPL-FX37, VPL-GT100, VPL-VW1000, VPL-VW1000ES, PX35, PX40, PX41, VPL-PX35, VPL-PX40, VPL-PX41, CS20, CS20A, CX20, CX20A, ES3, ES4, EX3, EX4, VPL-CS20, VPL-CS20A, VPL-CX20, VPL-CX20A, VPL-ES3, VPL-ES4, VPL-EX3, VPL-EX4, CX11, VPL-CX11, FX51, FX52, FX52L, VPL-FX51, VPL-FX52, VPL-FX52L, VPL-PX51, BRAVIA VPL-VW200 SXRD, CS1, CS2, CX1, EW345, EW348, EX345, KDF-37H1000, KDF-46E3000, KDF-50E3000, KDS-70Q005, KDS-70Q005U, KDS-70Q006, KDS-70Q006U, KDS-R60XBR2, KDS-R70XBR2, KS-70R200A, R60 XBR2, R60XBR2, R70 XBR2, R70XBR2, SR60XBR2, SR70XBR2, SRX-R510P (330W), SRX-R510P (450W), SRX-R515P (330W), SRX-R515P (450W), SRX-T615 (330W), SRX-T615 (450W), VPL-CS1, VPL-CS2, VPL-CX1, VPL-EW300, VPL-EW315, VPL-EW345, VPL-EW348, VPL-EW435, VPL-EW455, VPL-EW575, VPL-EW578, VPL-EX300, VPL-EX310, VPL-EX315, VPL-EX340, VPL-EX345, VPL-EX430, VPL-EX435, VPL-EX450, VPL-EX455, VPL-EX570, VPL-EX575, VPL-VW100, VPL-VW200, VPL-X200, X200, XBR2  Lamp Model: LMP-E210, LMP-E220, LMP-E191, LMP-D214, LMP-E211, LMP-H220, LMP-D213, LMP-E212, LMP-H230, LMP-C240, LMP-C280, LMP-H160, LMP-C200, LMP-E190, LMP-H130, LMP-H180, LMP-C190, LMP-C150, XL-2100, LMP-H200, XL-5100, XL-2400U, XL-5200, XL-2000, LMP-C121, LMP-H201, LMP-H202, LMP-H210, U3-130, LMP-H120, XL-2200U, LMP-D200, LMP-C163, LMP-F330, LMP-C161, LMP-F230, LMP-H260, LMP-F270, LMP-F271, LMP-C281, LMP-C250, LMP-P202, LMP-H280, LMP-E150, LMP-P201, LMP-P200, LMP-F250, LMP-F272, LMP-E180, LMP-F331, LMP-H330, LMP-P260, LMP-C162, LMP-C160, LMP-F300, LMP-H400, LMP-C120, LMP-E221, XL-2500U, XL-5000U, XL-5300U, LKRM-U330, LKRM-U450, VLT-X200LP

Toshiba Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Toshiba NPX10A, NPS15A, NPX15A, TLP-XE30, SDW30, TLP-S10, TLP-X3000

Viewsonic Original Projector Replacement Lamp/Bulb

Projector Model: Viewsonic VS14928, PJD5132, PJD5255, PJ755D, PG701WU, PJ678, PX701HD, PJD5113, PJD5123, PJD5133, PJD5133-1W, PJD5213, PJD5223, PJD5233, PJD5233-1W, PJD5353, PJD5353-1W, PJD5523-1W, PJD5523W, PJD5350LS, PJD5550LWS, PJD6355LS, PJD6552LW-1W, PJD6552W, PJD6555LWS, PJD7830HDL, PJL6223, PJL6233, PJL6243, PJD7382, PJD7383, PJD7383i, PJD7383wi, PJD7583w, PJD7583wi, VS13338, PJD6352, PJD6352LS, LightStream PJD7720HD, LightStream PJD7828HDL, LightStream PJD7831HDL, PJD5231, PJD7720HD, PJD7828HDL, PJD7831HDL, PJD5132, PJD5134, PJD5232L, PJD5234L, PJD6235, PJD6245, PJD5126, PJD5126-1W, PJD6213, PJD6223, PJD6223-1W, VS14295, PA501S, PA502S, PA502SP, PA502X, PA502XP, PJB522S, PJL7211, TB3514, TS512A, VA16970, VA16971, VS12890, PA500S, PA500X, PA503S, PA503X, PG603X, PS501X, LightStream PJD6552LW, PA503W, PG603W, PJD5226, PJD5226w, PJD5553LWS, PJD5555W, PJD6243, PJD6353, PJD6353s, PJD6544W, PJD6550Lw, PJD6551Lws, PJD6552LW, PJD6552LWS, Pro9500, PJD6211P, PJD6345, PJD8633ws, PX706HD, PJD5151, PJD5153, PJD5154, PJD5155, PJD5250, PJD5253, PJD5254, PJD5255, PJD5351LS, PJD5353LS, PJD6252L, PJD6350, PJD6351Ls, VS15875, PJD6241, PJD6253, PJD6253W, PJD6253W-1, PJD6381, PJD6383, PJD6383s, PJD6531W, PJD6553, PJD6553W-1, PJD6683, PJD6683ws, VS14195, PG705HD, PG705WU, PX727-4K, PX747-4K, VS17058, PG703W, PJD8353S, PJD8353S-1W, PJD8653S, PJD8653S-1W, PJD8653WS, VS14956, VS14991, PJD5453S, PJD5453S-1W, PJD8333s, PRO8200, PRO8300, PJD5150, PJD5155L, PJD5156L, PJD5250L, PJD5255L, PJD5256L, PJD5555LW, PJD5556LW, PJD6250L, PJD6550W, PJD7825HD, PJD6355, PJD6356LS, PJD6555W, PJD6656LWS, PJD7325, PJD7525W, PJD7835HD, PJL7200, PJL7201, PRO7826HDL, PJD5232, PJD5234, PJ560D, PJ560DC, PJD5111, PJD5351, PJD6240, VS11990, PJD7526W, PS750HD, PS750W, PX800HD, PJ513, PJ513D, PJD5122, PJD5152, PJD5211, PJD5352, PJD7820HD, PJD7822HDL, VS14937, PJL7202, PJD7326, PG703X, PX702HD, LightStream PJD7836HDL, LightStream PRO7827HD, PJD7836HDL, PRO7827HD, PJ206D, PJ260D, PJD5533W, PJD6543W, PJ656, PJ656D, PJD5221, PJ406D, PJ658, PJ551D, PJ551D-2, PJ557D, PJ557DC, PJ559D-1, PJ559DC-1, PJD6210, PJD6210-WH, PJD6220, PG700WU, PX700HD, PJD5483S, PJD5483S-1W, PJ862, PJL1035-1, PRO8400, PRO8450, PRO8450W, PRO8500, PJ758, PJ759, PJ760, PJ500, PJ500-1, PJ500-2, PJ501, PJ520, PJ560, PJ650, PJD6251, PJD7223, PJD7223-1W, PJ550, PJ550-1, PJ550-2, PJ551, PJ551-1, PJ559D, PJ559DC, PJD6230, PJL9371, PJ658D, PJ1172, PJ225D, PJ255D, PJ256D, PJ3211, PJ355, PJ358, PJ359W, PJ402, PJ402D, PJ510, PJ655D, PJL3211, PJL9250, PJL9300W, PJL9520, PJ502, PJ552, PJ562, PJ755D, PJ755D-2, PJ1173, PJ506, PJ506D, PJ506ED, PJ556, PJ556D, PJ556ED, PJ400, PJ400-2, PJ452, PJ452-2, PJ402D-2, PJ458D, PJ508D, PJ568D, PJ588D, PJ503D, PJ853, PJ558, PJ558D, LP860-2, PJ1060, PJ1060-2, PJ750, PJ750-2, PJ750-3, PJ751, PJ860-2, PJ606, PJ686, PRO9510L, PRO9520WL, PRO9530HDL, PRO9800WUL, PJ675, PJ682, PRO8100, PJ1035, PJ1065, PJ1065-1, PJ750-1, PJ1250, PJ1158, PJD7333, PJD7533W, PJ1165, PRO10100, PRO10120, PRO10500W, PRO10500W-1W, PJ1065-2, PRO8520HD, PRO8600, PG800HD, PG800W, PG800X, PRO8510L, PRO8520WL, PRO8530HDL, PRO8800WUL, VS16369, VS16370, VS16371, VS16372, PJD5112, PJD6211, PJD6212, PJD6221, PJD6231, PJ1035-2, PJL1035, PJL855, PJ258D  Lamp Model: RLC-119, RLC-019, RLC-072, RLC-095, RLC-102, RLC-065, RLC-057, RLC-097, RLC-100, RLC-056, RLC-078, RLC-070, RLC-111, RLC-054, RLC-108, RLC-098, RLC-109, RLC-077, RLC-093, RLC-075, RLC-091, RLC-063, RLC-073, RLC-084, RLC-090, RLC-118, RLC-092, RLC-049, RLC-071, RLC-117, RLC-113, RLC-082, RLC-088, RLC-080, RLC-061, RLC-094, RLC-096, RLC-041, RLC-083, RLC-037, RLC-047, RLC-105, RLC-107, 9E.08001.001, RLC-055, RLC-079, RLC-045, RLC-104, RLC-114, RLC-101, RLC-033, RLC-085, DT00731, RLC-058, SP.82G01.001, DT00751, RLC-034, RLC-046, RLC-116, RLC-089, DT00691, DT00201, RLC-059, DT00841, DT00511, RLC-051, RLC-086, DT00461, DT00521, RLC-036, RLC-053, RLC-020, DT00601, SP.86801.001, SP.82F01.001, DT00821, DT00781, RLC-001, DT00581, SP.86501.001, RLC-044, DT00671, SP.81C01.001, DT00871, RLC-018, DT00701, RLC-014, RLC-026, RLC-030, DT00301, VLT-XD420LP, DT00231, DT00431, VLT-XL5LP, RLC-106, VS-PJ675-LAMP, RLC-032, DT00341, DT00331, DT00531, DT00771, RLC-081, DT00591, RLC-087, DT00491, RLC-076, RLC-103, RLC-050, DT00205, RLC-025

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