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Interactive Projection

Turn any wall or floor into an interactive space. Interactive projection involves the use of one or multiple projectors along with motion detecting hardware and software to enable touch sensitive motions on a projected surface. Compared to touch screen monitors and TVs, interactive projection has no limitations when it comes to image size, allowing an immersive experience like no other. 

We have multiple interactive projection solutions, from portable interactive stations to large scale interactive wall or floor feature. 

Interactive wall (For business)

Epson touch sensitive interactive Projector Installation by AVMProjector
Epson Interactive Projector Installation by AVMProjector

Enable presentations with touch screen functionality. Convert any unused wall into a presentation screen. Allows for multiple collaborators along with save, sending and printing function. Our integrated solution includes installation and calibration with user training. 

Interactive game wall 

Interactive touch sensitive game wall using projector by AVMProjector

Our interactive touch sensitive Game wall comes with 20 preloaded games for exiting and educational learning. Pre-set your wall to loop different games at different times. Our interactive game walls can be integrated together with any brand of projector or multiple projectors to create one large interactive surface. Suitable for both wall and floor projection. Customisable games available as well. Contact us for more information.

Interactive game wall/floor by AVMProjector
Interactive game projection installation by AVMProjector
Interactive touch sensitive game floor or table using projector by AVMProjector

Interactive floor or table

Table cropping and edge blending by AVMProjector

Turn any table or floor into an interactive surface. With more than 50 pre-installed content to choose from, customers have unlimited access to a wide range of interactive games and motion sensitive content.

Suitable for museum, event spaces, learning centres and more.

Table mapping projection by AVMProjector
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