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Panasonic Projector

3 Years Warranty for all Panasonic Projector

Choosing your first Projector

Panasonic Projector Throw Distance Guide by AVMProjector

1. Throw Distance

Throw distance is the minimum distance of the projector from the screen to project a particular image size. The appropriate throw distance required will depend on the room size and installation position along with the required projected screen size.

2. Resolution 

Resolution refers to the number of pixels in each dimension. Common projector resolution includes XGA, WXGA, WUXGA (Full HD) and 4K. The higher the resolution the less pixelated and the more sharper the image.

3. Brightness

Projector brightness is measured in terms of Lumens. The larger and brighter the room, the higher the lumens of the projector needs to be.

4. Lamp or Laser or LED

Lamp based projector can run up to 10,000 hours with proper care and usage (eco mode) where else laser projectors can last up to 20,000 hours. However, laser projectors can often cost up to twice the price of lamp based projectors.

5. Contrast Ratio

Contrast ratio refers to contrast between the minimum and maximum contrast of the image. The higher the contrast ratio the more vivid the colours of the image become. 

Panasonic Projector Resolution Guide by AVMProjector
Panasonic Projector Contrast Ratio Guide by AVMProjector
Projector low contrast ratio

Panasonic Projector Features

  1. High Image Quality​

  2. Flexibility 

  3. Reliability

  4. Convenient

  • Keystone Correction

  • Correct image geometry for angled projection with Horizontal, Vertical, and Corner Keystone Correction built into selected Panasonic projectors.

  • Curved Screen Correction

  • Curved Screen Correction allows for projection of distortion-free images onto curved or cylindrical surfaces such as pillars or curved feature walls.

  • Direct Power Off

  • Projectors supporting Direct Power Off can be shut down via breaker-switch without waiting for the unit to cool down first. This capability is useful wherever projectors are installed in difficult-to-access locations in applications ranging from seminar or lecture theaters to temporary events to permanent installation at theme parks, museums, and other exhibition spaces.


  • DIGITAL LINK is a proprietary solution based on HDBaseT™ that supports 1080/60p video, audio, and control-signal transmission via CAT 5e STP cable (or higher) for distances of up to 150 m (492 ft). Optional DIGITAL LINK Switcher and Digital Interface Box further simplify large-venue installation.

  • Note: audio playback capability depends on projector model. Transmission distances up to 150 m (492 ft) are supported with the projector set to Long Reach Mode and used in conjunction with the optional ET-YFB200G DIGITAL LINK Switcher. Click here for further information on DIGITAL LINK-compatible equipment.

  • Crestron Connected™

  • Crestron Connected enables simultaneous control and management of various display devices connected to the same local network.

  • AMX Device Discovery™

  • Select projectors support AMX Device Discovery for simultaneous control or management of various devices on the network.

  • PJLink™

  • PJLink is compatible with projectors and professional displays of almost any brand as part of a holistic system controlled from a PC.

  • Extron® XTP

  • Selected projectors can be controlled with compatible Extron control software solutions and peripheral devices when connected to the same local network.

  • Built-in Speaker

  • Select models include a built-in monaural speaker that provides ample volume for meeting rooms and classrooms, and is handy for playing audio encoded in movies or other multimedia presentations. Projectors also include a microphone input so the presenter can amplify their voice via the built-in speaker, and an audio output for passing audio to the room’s P.A. or an external sound-system.

  • Audio Standby Mode

  • Audio output can be adjusted while the projector is in standby mode.

  • Built-in Closed-Caption (CC) Decoder

  • Select models carry a built-in decoder to process and display closed caption text present in supported video content, saving on the cost of an external decoder.

  • Note: captions may not be displayed on some devices with some software.

  • Emulation Mode

  • Use existing control software at your institution with select Panasonic projectors. Emulation Mode and support for third-party control protocols allow incoming projectors to fit seamlessly into existing infrastructure.

  • Startup Logo Function

  • Any supported image file, such as your organization’s logo, can be transferred to the projector using Panasonic’s free Logo Transfer Software. Your logo is briefly projected during the startup cycle, replacing the Panasonic logo as default, and can be locked with a password to deter theft.

  • Convenience

  • Anti-Theft and Security Measures

  • Check Product Compatibility

  • Selected models include a security slot compatible with Kensington security cables, while a Burglar Hook port is included for attachment of theft-prevention cables. Other theft-deterrents include logo transfer software that allows administrators to embed their institution’s logo for display during startup.

  • Auto Input-Signal Search

  • Auto Input-Signal Search detects incoming signals and automatically switches to the appropriate input, allowing presenters to start work faster.

  • White Board Mode

  • Images are optimized for clear visibility when projected onto whiteboards. This mode is useful in meeting rooms, classrooms, or other spaces equipped with a whiteboard in lieu of a screen.

  • Black Board Mode

  • Images are calibrated for best performance when projected onto blackboards in classrooms or training rooms without a dedicated projector screen.

  • Memory Viewer

  • You don't need a computer to start presenting—just insert a USB memory device containing compatible media and start projecting straight away. This includes Full HD video as well as high-definition stills. Simple GUI navigation assures a smooth and stress-free experience.

  • USB Display Function

  • USB Display function included on select products makes it possible to project A/V signals from the computer through a USB conversion cable.

  • Note: audio output is disabled when connected to Mac via USB cable.

  • ECO Management System

  • Push the ECO button on the remote control to configure Eco Management functions, including automatic brightness reduction for dim environments and power consumption reduction when no input-signal is detected.

  • P-Timer

  • Check elapsed time or time remaining during your presentation according to a preset.

  • Freeze

  • Pause video and mute audio at a predetermined time.

  • Applicable Software

  • Multi Monitoring & Control Software with Optional Early Warning Functions

  • Panasonic’s free AV management software for Windows® PC lets you monitor and control up to 2,048 compatible display devices of any brand via LAN to reduce maintenance hassle within display networks of any scale. Multi Monitoring & Control Software enables status monitoring, control-command execution, content playlist delivery, playback scheduling, and system map visualization. A free 90-day trial of optional Early Warning software is included and adds extra functionality. It notifies the operator in the event of a playback or device error, and sends alerts when symptoms of trouble are detected. Maintenance reminders help in the management of consumable parts inventories and the scheduling of maintenance, while operational reports can be generated and exported as a text file. The software links with compatible network cameras for live screen-monitoring, and you can monitor devices remotely from a tablet via VPN. Software data may be acquired via Web API and installed onto an existing control application. Early Warning functions include full or basic implementations of Remote Preview function which works in conjunction with compatible projectors, allowing the projectionist to check input-video content on PC screen when checks on the projector screen are not possible.

Panasonic Projector Replacement Lamp

Projector model: Panasonic LB300, PT-LB3EA, PT-ST10EA, D6000, LX30H, LB330, PT-DZ570U, PT-EX610, PT-LB300, PT-LB280, PT-VX600, PT-VX500, PT-LB360, PT-LX30H, PT-LB2EA, PT-LW280, LB50, PT-LB2VEA, PT-F300, PT-D5700, PT-LX26EA, PT-LB1VEA, LB-330, LB-300, PT-VX410, PT-D5000ES, D12000, PT-ST10, PT-LB51, PT-EX600E, DZ570, LB1VEA, PT-F300EA, PT-DZ570, PT-D6000ES, PT-VX605N, PT-XW2731STC, PT-LB330, PT-VX500EA, DZ570U, PT-AE700E, PT-LB2, PT-LW373, PT-LB50SEA, FX400, AE700E, PT-LB353, PT-SD2600C, PT-D5100 , PT-D5700 , PT-D5700E , PT-D5700L , PT-D5700U , PT-D5700UL , PT-DF5700 , PT-DW5100 , PT-DW5100L , PT-DW5100U , PT-DW5100UL , PT-DW5700E , PT-FD570 , PT-FD5700 , PT-FDW510 , PT-FDW510L , PT-FDW570 , PT-BW530C, PT-BX620, PT-BX621C, PT-VW530, PT-VW530N, PT-VW530T, PT-VW530U, PT-VW535, PT-VW535N, PT-VW535T, PT-VW535U, PT-VW540, PT-VW545N, PT-VX600, PT-VX600N, PT-VX600T, PT-VX600U, PT-VX605, PT-VX605N, PT-VX605T, PT-VX605U, PT-VX610, PT-VX615N, PT-VX680, PT-VZ470, PT-VZ570, PT-VZ570N, PT-VZ570T, PT-VZ570U, PT-VZ575, PT-VZ575N, PT-VZ575T, PT-VZ575U, PT-VZ580, PT-VZ585N, PT-BW43, PT-BX50C, PT-BX51C, PT-BX520C, PT-BX521C, PT-BX551C, PT-BX55NC, PT-VW430, PT-VW430EA, PT-VW430U, PT-VW431D, PT-VW431DE, PT-VW431DEA, PT-VW431DU, PT-VW431E, PT-VW431EA, PT-VW431U, PT-VW435N, PT-VW435NE, PT-VW435NEA, PT-VW435NU, PT-VW440E, PT-VW440EA, PT-VW440U, PT-VX45, PT-VX45KEA, PT-VX500, PT-VX500EA, PT-VX500U, PT-VX501, PT-VX501EA, PT-VX505N, PT-VX505NE, PT-VX505NEA, PT-VX505NU, PT-VX510, PT-VX510E, PT-VX510EA, PT-VX510U, PT-LX270, PT-LX270E, PT-LX270EA, PT-LX270U, PT-LX300, PT-LX300E, PT-LX300EA, PT-LX300U, PT-LAB60, PT-LAB60E, PT-LB30, PT-LB30E, PT-LB30NT, PT-LB30NTE, PT-LB30NTEA, PT-LB30NTU, PT-LB30U, PT-LB55, PT-LB55NTE, PT-LB60, PT-LB60NT, PT-LB60NTE, PT-LB60U, PT-P2500, PT-PX660, PT-PX670, PT-PX98, PT-UX75, PT-UX80NT, PT-X660, PT-X670, PT-TW240, PT-LW271, PT-LW271E, PT-LW271U, PT-LW321, PT-LW321E, PT-LW321U, PT-LX271, PT-LX271E, PT-LX271U, PT-LX321, PT-LX321E, PT-LX321U, PT-CW240, PT-CW241R, PT-LM1E, PT-LM1E+, PT-LM1U, PT-LM2, PT-LM2U, PT-M1S11, PT-M1S12, PT-LS26, PT-LS26EA, PT-LS26U, PT-SD2600, PT-SD2600SX, PT-TW330, PT-TW330E, PT-TW330EA, PT-TW330U, PT-TW331R, PT-TW331RE, PT-TW331REA, PT-TW331RU, PT-TX300E, PT-TX300EA, PT-TX300U, PT-TX301R, PT-TX301RE, PT-TX301REA, PT-TX301RU, PT-LB280, PT-LB280U, PT-LB300, PT-LB300U, PT-LB303, PT-LB330, PT-LB330U, PT-LB332, PT-LB332U, PT-LB353, PT-LB353T, PT-LB353U, PT-LB360, PT-LB382, PT-LB383, PT-LB412, PT-LB423, PT-LW280, PT-LW312, PT-LW330, PT-LW333, PT-LW362, PT-LW373, PT-TW250, PT-TW340, PT-TW341R, PT-TW341RU, PT-TW342, PT-TW343R, PT-TW350, PT-TW351R, PT-TW351RA, PT-TX210, PT-TX210U, PT-TX310, PT-TX310U, PT-TX312, PT-TX320, PT-TX320U, PT-TX400, PT-TX400U, PT-TX402, PT-TX410, PT-X2730 STC, PT-X3231STC, PT-X330C, PT-X412C, PT-LX351, PT-LX351E, PT-LX351U, PT-BW10NT, PT-BX10, PT-BX11, PT-BX20, PT-BX20NT, PT-BX21, PT-BX30, PT-BX30NT, PT-LB56, PT-LB56U, PT-LB75, PT-LB75NT, PT-LB75NTE, PT-LB75NTU, PT-LB75U, PT-LB75VEA, PT-LB75VU, 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PT-DX800S, PT-DX800U, PT-DX800UK, PT-DX800ULS, PT-DX810, PT-DX810K, PT-DX810S, PT-DX810U, PT-DX810UK, PT-DX810UL, PT-DX810ULK, PT-DX810ULS, PT-DX810US, PT-DZ570, PT-DZ570E, PT-DZ570U, PT-DZ6700, PT-DZ6700E, PT-DZ6700EL, PT-DZ6700L, PT-DZ6700U, PT-DZ6700UK, PT-DZ6700UL, PT-DZ6710, PT-DZ6710E, PT-DZ6710EL, PT-DZ6710L, PT-DZ6710U, PT-DZ6710UL, PT-DZ680, PT-DZ680L, PT-DZ680U, PT-DZ770, PT-DZ770K, PT-DZ770LK, PT-DZ770U, PT-DZ770UK, PT-DZ770UL, PT-DZ770ULK, PT-DZ770ULS, PT-DZ770US, PT-FD550, PT-FD600, PT-FD600L, PT-FD605, PT-FD605L, PT-FD670, PT-FDW43, PT-FDW630, PT-FDW635, PT-FDW635L, PT-FDW83, PT-FDW83L, PT-FDW84CK, PT-FDW84CKL, PT-FDX40, PT-FDX81C, PT-FDX81CL, PT-FDX90, PT-FDX90L, PT-FDX91CK, PT-FDX91CKL, PT-FDZ47, PT-FDZ670, PT-FDZ675C, PT-FDZ675CL, PT-FDZ675L, PT-FDZ680, PT-FDZ685, PT-FDZ685L, PT-FDZ87, PT-FDZ87CK, PT-FDZ87CKL, PT-D12000 , PT-DW100 , PT-DW100C , PT-DW100U , PT-DZ12000 , PT-FD500 , PT-D7700 , PT-DW7000 , PT-DW7000EK , PT-L7700 , PT-LW7700 , TH-D7700-K , TH-DW7000-K , PT-D7500 , PT-D7500E , PT-D7500E-K , PT-D7500U , PT-D7500U-K , PT-D7600 , PT-D7600U , PT-D7600UE , PT-D7700C-K , PT-DW7000EK , PT-DW7700K , PT-DW7700L , PT-DW7700L , PT-L7700 , PT-LW7700 , PT-EX16K, PT-EX16KE, PT-EX16KU, PT-EXK16K, PT-SLX16K, PT-D7000, PT-D7700, PT-D7700E, PT-D7700EK, PT-D7700U, PT-D7700UE, PT-D7700UL, PT-D7700ULW, PT-D7700UW, PT-DW7000, PT-DW7000C-K, PT-DW7000E, PT-DW7000EK, PT-L7700, PT-LW7700, TH-D7700-K, PT-D7500, PT-D7500E, PT-D7500E-K, PT-D7500U, PT-D7500U-K, PT-D7600, PT-D7600U, PT-D7600UE, PT-D7700U-K, PT-D7700C-K, PT-DW7700K, PT-DW7700L, PT-DW830 , PT-DW830EK , PT-DW830ELK , PT-DW830K , PT-DW830L , PT-DW830LK , PT-DW830LW , PT-DW830W , PT-DX100 , PT-DX100K , PT-DX100L , PT-DX100LK , PT-DX100LW , PT-DX100W , PT-DZ870 , PT-DZ870K , PT-DZ870L , PT-DZ870LK , PT-DZ870LW , PT-DZ870W , PT-D5100, PT-D5700, PT-D5700E, PT-D5700L, PT-D5700U, PT-D5700UL, PT-DF5700, PT-DW5100, PT-DW5100EL, PT-DW5100L, PT-DW5100U, PT-DW5100UL, PT-DW5700E, PT-FD570, PT-DZ110 , PT-SDS950 , PT-SDZ981C, PT-DZ10K , PT-FD605CB , PT-D5000 , PT-D5000ES , PT-D5000U , PT-D5000UK , PT-D6000 , PT-D6000ELK , PT-D6000ELS , PT-D6000ES , PT-D6000LS , PT-D6000S , PT-D6000U , PT-D6000ULS , PT-D6000US , PT-D6710 , PT-DW530 , PT-DW530E , PT-DW530U , PT-DW6300 , PT-DW6300ELS , PT-DW6300ES , PT-DW6300LS , PT-DW6300S , PT-DW6300U , PT-DW6300UK , PT-DW6300ULK , PT-DW6300ULS , PT-DW6300US , PT-DW640 , PT-DW640EK , PT-DW640U , PT-DW640UK , PT-DW640UL , PT-DW640ULK , PT-DW730 , PT-DW730E , PT-DW730EL , PT-DW730U , PT-DW730UK , PT-DW730UL , PT-DW730ULK , PT-DW730ULS , PT-DW730US , PT-DW740 , PT-DW740S , PT-DW740U , PT-DW740UK , PT-DW740UL , PT-DW740ULK , PT-DW740ULS , PT-DW740US , PT-DX500 , PT-DX500E , PT-DX500U , PT-DX610 , PT-DX610E , PT-DX610ELK , PT-DX610L , PT-DX610U , PT-DX610UL , PT-DX800 , PT-DX800E , PT-DX800EL , PT-DX800S , PT-DX800U , PT-DX800UK , PT-DX800ULS , PT-DX810 , PT-DX810K , PT-DX810S , PT-DX810U , PT-DX810UK , PT-DX810UL , PT-DX810ULK , PT-DX810ULS , PT-DX810US , PT-DZ570 , PT-DZ570E , PT-DZ570U , PT-DZ6700 , PT-DZ6700E , PT-DZ6700EL , PT-DZ6700L , PT-DZ6700U , PT-DZ6700UK , PT-DZ6700UL , PT-DZ6710 , PT-DZ6710E , PT-DZ6710EL , PT-DZ6710L , PT-DZ6710U , PT-DZ6710UL , PT-DZ680 , PT-DZ680L , PT-DZ680U , PT-DZ770 , PT-DZ770K , PT-DZ770LK , PT-DZ770U , PT-DZ770UK , PT-DZ770UL , PT-DZ770ULK , PT-DZ770ULS , PT-DZ770US , PT-FDW630 , PT-FDZ675C , PT-FDZ675CL , PT-FDZ680 , PT-FDX110C , PT-FDZ97C , DLA-G10, DLA-S10, DPSX1, G1000, Image Pro 9000, Image Pro 9000D, Image Pro 9001, PT-AE100, PT-AE100E, PT-AE100U, PT-AE200, PT-AE200E, PT-AE200U, PT-AE300, PT-AE300E, PT-AE300U, PT-D9500U, PT-D9600U, PT-D995, PT-DS20, PT-DS20 , PT-DS20K, PT-DS20K , PT-DZ21KU, PT-DZ21KU , PT-E1AW10, PT-L1701, PT-L1711, PT-L200, PT-L200U, PT-L300, PT-L300U, PT-L390U, PT-L392, PT-L5, PT-L501, PT-L501E, PT-L501X, PT-L501XU, PT-L511, PT-L511E, PT-L511X, PT-L511XU, PT-L512E, PT-L555U, PT-L556U, PT-L592U, PT-L595E, PT-L595EA, PT-L595U, PT-L597 , PT-L597E , PT-L597EA , PT-L597L , PT-L6500 , PT-L6510 , PT-L6600 , PT-L701, PT-L701E, PT-L701X, PT-L701XU, PT-L702, PT-L702U, PT-L711, PT-L711E, PT-L711U, PT-L711X, PT-L711XU, PT-L712E, PT-L750, PT-L750E, PT-L750U, PT-L758U, PT-L780, PT-L780E, PT-L780NT, PT-L780NTE, PT-L780NTU, PT-L780U, PT-L785, PT-L785E, PT-L785U, PT-L795U, PT-L797EA , PT-L797P , PT-L797PE , PT-L797PEL , PT-L797PXA , PT-L797PXAL , PT-L797V , PT-L797VE , PT-L797VXA , PT-LP1X100, PT-LP1X200NT, PT-P1X100, PT-P1X200, PT-P1X300, PT-PX750, PT-SDS20KC, PT-SDS20KC , PT-SDW17KC, PT-SDW17KC , PT-SDZ21KC, PT-SDZ21KC , PT-U1S80, PT-U1S90, PT-U1X200NT, PT-U1X80, PT-U1X90, TH-L502, ​ Lamp Model available: ET-LAD57, ET-LAV400, ET-LAV200, ET-LAL320, ET-LAB30, ET-LAL331, ET-LAL330, ET-LAC200, ET-LAM1-C, ET-LAL200, ET-LAL341, ET-LAL500, ET-LAL340, ET-LAB80, ET-LAV100, ET-LAE4000, ET-LAC80, ET-LAL100, ET-LAC75, ET-LAC300, TY-LA2006, ET-LAE1000, ET-LAX100, ET-LAB50, ET-LAE700, ET-LAB10, TY-LA1500, TY-LA1000, TY-LA1001, TY-LA2005, TY-LA10, ET-LAL400C, ET-LAE900, TY-LA2004, ET-LAEF100, ET-LAE300, ET-LAV300, 610 349 0847, ET-LAE200, ET-LAC100, ET-LAD55, ET-LAA310, ET-LAA110, ET-LAA410, ET-LAD40, ET-LAD35L, ET-LAD35, ET-LAD10000, ET-LAD55L, ET-LAF100, ET-LAB2, , ET-LAD10000F, ET-LAD310A, ET-LAD310, ET-LAD40W, ET-LAD70A, ET-LAD70W, ET-LAD12KF, ET-LAD60A, ET-LAD12K, ET-LAD55W, ET-LAD7700, ET-LAD55LW, ET-LAD7500, ET-LAD7700L, ET-LAE16, ET-LAD7700W, ET-LAD7500W, ET-LAD7700LW, ET-LAD120, ET-LAD57W, ET-LAD310W, ET-LAD310AW, ET-LAD70AW, ET-LAD60AW, ET-LAD120W, ET-LA995, ET-LAE100, ET-LAD9500, ET-LAD510, ET-LAD510F, ET-LA701, ET-LA390, ET-LA555, ET-LA556, ET-LA592, ET-LA095, ET-LA097N, ET-LA6510, ET-LA780, ET-LA058, ET-LA785, ET-LAP750

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