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Audio Video Networking and Communication control Hardware

AV Projector Room's extensive knowledge in audio visual products compliments our total integrated solution providing networking and communication control hardware. We specialise in large venue set up utilising and providing wiring installation and an ecosystem of control hardware. Our solution utilises fiber optic or Cat 5/6 extension and is HDCP compliant. We provide various brands to suit different budgetary needs. 

Matrix and Presentation switcher Network Solution by AV Projector Room

Video Matrix & Presentation  Switchers

Matrix switcher

Allows a centralised location for selection between multiple input sources and multiple outputs.

Presentation switcher

Switch between multiple formats of video inputs (VGA, HDMI, S-video etc) from one video input from one location.

HDMI booster repeater audio video Network Solution by AV Projector Room

Active HDMI signal booster / repeater

Experience zero latency using an active signal booster / repeater over extended distances. 

 Audio video splitter Network Solution by AV Projector Room

Distribution Amplifier - Video Splitter

Split and control one video source into multiple video outputs from one centralised location. Available formats include

  • HDMI

  • VGA

  • Display port

  • USB

  • and more

Audio video converter AV Network Solution by AV Projector Room

Audio Video active converter

Active converters have an additional semiconductor suited for high resolution image output over long distance. 

HDMI Audio video extender AV Network Solution by AV Projector Room

Video Extender

Extend your audio and video source from your output over more than 10m away using a video extender travelling on HDMI, Cat 5/6 or fiber optic wiring. 

Audio Video Selector AV Network Solution by AV Projector Room

Video Selector / Controller

Connect and Select from multiple video sources from one control hardware.

Product List

  • HDBaseT Extender

  • HDMI Extender

  • AV Over IP Extender

  • Repeater Extender

  • DVI Extender

  • Audio Extender

  • Wireless Extender

  • HDBaseT Splitter

  • HDMI Splitter

  • SDI Splitter

  • HDBaseT Matrix

  • HDMI Matrix

  • HDBaseT Switcher

  • HDMI Switcher

  • KVM Switcher

  • SDI Switcher

  • HDMI Converter

  • SDI Converter

  • TVI Converter


HDMI Extender with transmittor and receiver by AV Projector Room


HDMI Splitter or distribution amplifier by AV Projector room

Switcher / Matrix Switcher

HDMI Matrix and presentation switcher by AV Projector room
HDMI Video converter by AV Projector room



  • HDMI Controller

HDMI video controller by AV Projector room


  • Audio Extractor

Audio Extractor by AV Projector room
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